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Products and Services

Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C. specializes in providing high quality solar and fluid handling equipment and solar and fluid handling equipment services. We offer top brand solar and fluid handling equipment with names such as Shurflo, Watts Water, Exeltech, Sterlco Samlex Deka Battery and many more. Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C. provides special pricing for original equipment manufacturers (O.E.M.s) buying  process fluid handling equipment or solar process components such as , inverters, process and transfer pumps, ultraviolet disinfection and filtration, valves, temperature controllers, heat transfer and steam equipment,  and much more. Located in the heartland of America  we offer process fluid handling equipment and solar components for commercial, agricultural, industrial, military and residential needs. We offer products built in North America.

Payment methods: Credit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfers and Company Checks

Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C. ships its solar and process fluid handling equipment globally by standard trusted carriers to ensure that your needs are met quickly and professionally. Foreign shipments may require payment for products in advance via bank wire transfer plus payment of all customs duty tax and shipping prior to releasing shipment of purchased items. Toboa Energy accepts valid bank credit cards, checks, purchase orders, PayPal and verifies all card holder identity prior to acceptance of orders. Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C. does not retain bank account numbers, credit card numbers, share customer billing or purchasing information with any companies or advertisers outside its own vendor supply chain. It is our goal to make your internet shopping experience a safe productive one.