Gas Generator the “Lil Dog”

Lil dog gas generator

Generator 2400 watt continuous gas generator

Regardless of what is done in Washington DC, people of America must prepare for the aftermath of the on going debt crisis. Thinking about it this past week lead me to some interesting conclusions that I wasn’t expecting. What happens to people if the Federal government defaults on its obligations? Who is it defaulting on and what is the effect?
After considering it for a while I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the banks of foreign debt that bothered me but for locally it was subsidies to keep things running that would be the largest obstacle.

Regardless of the systematic failures that could occur, what was my position to do anything about it? I figure nothing that I can do will change anything if the power company jacks up the rates or shuts it all off. Nothing I can do if every city or federal worker just walks off the job. Nothing I could do if the banks all close. Nothing I could do to prevent the stores from becoming depleted. It was really hard to consider and admit but the truth was nothing that I could do that would stop any of these larger life changing events from happening and that is highly disturbing when you consider how close we are.

What can I do? What can you do? It didn’t take to long to figure out that all of the things that make life easier are operated on electric power and without that basic item it will be almost impossible to manage a family. Electric power is at the root of civilization and without it our developed nation will suffer greatly. The first thing I did was order a Winco “Lil Dog” gas generator 3000 watts 120vAC that was portable, that my wife could move and is simple to use $629.95 at There are larger gas generators but they use more fuel and are difficult to transport. This one will fit in the back of my Toyota Prius and is movable by my kids so it is perfect for camping, emergencies, sporting events those late night soccer practices etc…. A great value for the size and price.

220,000 Lumen 2000 Watt Light

Municipal Lighting Solution

solar wind hybrid municipal lighting

Hybrid Municipal lighting

Forget the cobra head lighting and boring conventional look. Look that the New Sanya cutting edge municipal lighting solution, offering solar – wind hybrid lights with a beautiful twenty first century look they provide to any area requiring broad area lighting. Sports and municipal areas look stunning with the hybrid municipal lighting. Solar – wind hybrid means that charging happens at a higher probability and at an increased capacity. Most solar lighting requires all charging be done during day light hours with battery packs storing energy to be used during lighting operation. With the amazing wind option adding a vertical wind generator to the lamps allows night time charging as well as poor light zone charging where minimal light is available.

Toboa Energy Resources offers a wide array of commercial municipal outdoor solar and solar and wind hybrid lighting solutions for streets, drives, parking lots, alley ways, side walks, Parks, sports fields, businesses, and more. Our outdoor municipal quality lights are long lasting and durable. Applied in areas where space age beauty matches the real space age technology used to power them. Make your collage campus a real cutting edge solar legacy with these uniquely gorgeous light fixtures.

If portable sports, construction or event lighting is what you’re looking for Toboa Energy offers a complete line of Mobile Solar high lumen output lights. Portable light plants available with generator output sockets or stand alone lighting.

Toboa Energy’s goal is to provide unique beautiful solar lighting products designed to offer clients more alternatives to just solar by offering a hybrid wind addition.

Our vendors provide the latest solar and wind technology with proven tested companies backing them. Toboa Energy is an Authorized dealer for UGE / Sanya Municipal Lighting and is a SAM’s government registered supplier.

Sustainable and Safe

Sustainable and safe living

Sustainable Solar Electric System

Well after nineteen years we’ve decided to sell our home and become more sustainable. Believe me nothing is trivial about making the decision to sell your nest. Yes the old homestead from back in the day when I was single with little to do but whatever popped into my mind. The memories are always hard to bring up without a sense of loss and yet somehow the same sense of it’s time to ramble on.

You might start wondering what is this dude talking about, right? It’s all about progression, from a single person to a married couple and then kids. Homes have also progressed from the 1940’s style two bedroom one bath style to the four bedroom plus the office and three car attached garage. It’s simply the addition of things that make our lives better in the way of time management, safety, comfort, security, health and so on. For most people I think its much more difficult to let go of the past, the old homestead or that old car simply because we don’t understand that although those items link us to our past they also burden us with the prospect of future troubles, cost and risk.

My kids all say they’re sad to leave the old house it’s their childhood more so than the old squeaky floors, small living space or single restroom that they have grown out of. The realization of entering the “unknown” is scary to adults yet alone kids. But the opportunity is great right now to get into a larger newer more sustainable home with a low mortgage rate. The additional savings on the home allotted because of the housing fall off will allow most people to buy more home than they would be able to under normal conditions. The added savings can be refocused into many different things such as; furniture, extra amenities, that awesome patio, additional property or my favorite sustainability.

What is a sustainable home? It is a fully functioning residence regardless of any outside interference. The key to sustainability is usually several different features beginning with sustainable energy. Electric power is easily produced and simple to store and give a home life to run lighting, refrigeration, appliances, communications, HVAC and water pumping and conditioning. I put electric power at the top of the pile of where to start to become sustainable. A solar or wind generator system can be used in most suburban or rural residences and are virtually maintenance free.

Sustainable solar systems can be added during construction or after construction is completed either way solar can be used as either emergency power or as a grid tied part of the electric system which is more common. Solar systems are quiet, environmentally blending, and are within most home owners budgets. Toboa Energy Resources can help select, cost and install solar residential systems with high quality American made solar modules and electronic components. Grid-tied and off-grid solar systems have some common components that can be assembled to allow for whatever configuration that may be required. Solar modules, module mounting system, wire cables and conduit, charge controller, inverter, batteries, transfer switches are all available through Toboa Energy. Make that new home sustainable for the next twenty years.

Water Purification and Disinfection

water purification E. Coli testing

water purification disinfection from farm drainage

What’s worse than living with foul tasting drinking water? If you’ve ever been to a place where one sip of water has your nose burning or you looking for somewhere to spit you understand what I mean. There is no substitution for clean cold drinking water without the flavor of iron, salt or sulfur or other sense affecting additives. The real interesting thing about water is that it can always be put back into its original form, pure and clean, by fairly simple methods. Most of the fresh water in the world is locked under ground sitting in basin pools many hundreds of feet below the topsoil fermenting with other minerals. Over time these minerals fall into solution form and become part of the make up of the water. Some minerals interact with human senses to produce pungent odors, foul tastes or murky turbidity that looks unpleasant.

There are several ways that water can be tested and cleaned. We’ve all heard of the infamous carbon filters, but what about water that is bacteria laden or has suspended particulates? Toboa Energy offers a wide range of water purification, filtration, disinfection and softening products for residential and commercial use. Toboa Energy is the US Authorized distributor for Wyckomar filtration products. We offer carbon filtration for adsorption of chemicals that may be present along with UV or Ultra-Violet disinfection for bacteria laden water, softeners for hard water systems and osmosis systems for even the most demanding commercial applications.

Wyckomar works hard to develop new product innovations for the water purification market, and they have successfully introduced several new designs recently including solar powered and effluent waste water systems. Wyckomar is always seeking to improve its existing products to meet ever changing market demands, and they stand behind their products with the best warranty in the business.

State of the art Wyckomar UV water purification, filtration and disinfection systems and components. Wyckomar leading the field in UV water purification offers several systems for home, businesses, commercial, government and military use.


Sustainable Industrial Products for a Change

sustainable industrial products

Sustainable Industrial Products

The world is changing to a more high tech version of higher tech! What? Well with the launch of Windows 95 an entire industry revolving around communication was born. The high tech computer world increased productivity and spurred on the greatest technology booms the world has ever witnessed.

Now that our culture has been captured into this cyber realm expansion of more sustainable parts of American life can evolve. We now strive not just for the high technology equipment but for the high technology equipment with diverse solutions to issues that before now were not addressed. Ergonomics, renew-ability, personal safety, and beauty are available as features. Not only are the industrial products highly functional but they are good for the environment as well.

This view of more than just functionality is driven by competitiveness and responsibility on the part of manufacturers. Take electric generators for example. They are highly useful yet packaged like space aged instruments and can be multi-fuel powered including solar and wind. Consumers benefit greatly from these sustainable energy innovations as the world moves again from high tech to higher tech.

Toboa Energy Resources offers sustainable industrial products for modern companies. Inter grated energy systems including solar, conventional fuel generators and remote power systems for agricultural, telecommunications, military installations and more are available. When combined with Toboa Energy’s industrial and mobile energy transferring products such as water purification equipment a true integrated system is produced. Pump water, convert power, cool systems and provide clean renewable electric power where you need it when you need it.

Why Toboa Energy? The new up and coming products integrator and component supplier to the sustainable industrial products market. Offering equipment made in the USA in towns and factories where we all live and work. Regardless of the foreign made influences, this is one company who represents product offerings mainly from right here from local well recognized suppliers like Winco Generators, Sterling Inc. and many more.

Sustainable Energy Stays Involved

sustainable energy winco standby generators

Sustainable Energy Authorized Winco Dealer

Look, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to navigate the internet these days, but you my need to understand that all on-line equipment providers are not the same. Toboa Energy is focused on US made sustainable energy equipment. What is sustainable energy? Sustainable energy is energy that can be either recovered, reused, or renews without the help of coal fueled power plants.

A wide selection of solar, wind, and water related products is what you will find at Toboa Energy’s on-line store. Not only do those products fit nicely into our focus but the majority of them are produced in the United States. Buying American made equipment is the best thing that you or your company can do. Why? Because American manufacturers are held accountable for their products designs, claims, safety, reliability and are helping employ the work force that fuels our economy. There are many foreign made “knock off” products that are shipped into the US every day that have no record of reliability. Try going to overseas to argue that your solar panels are defective or discontinued that you bought off of the hyped Mr. Discount website! Good Luck there.

Toboa Energy sources solid US based manufacturers that stand behind their products with a solid sources and track ability. Top brand names like Winco generators, Pentair pumps, Sterling temperature control valves, Delta T systems cooling towers and chillers and much more. Toboa Energy takes its distribution and resale responsibility seriously. Our goal is satisfied clients including the United States government. We are a SAM’s registered government supplier. Visit Toboa Energy’s on-line store at and see the wide range of products available. Or if you cannot find what your after give us a call at 1-262-757-1110 or email and let Toboa Energy source your product for you.

56T Modulating Water Valve Amazes

56T modulating water valve

56T Temperature Sensing Modulating Water Valve

“Cheese head” the gold standard for people from Wisconsin. Ask anyone “what’s a cheese head” and they’ll tell you a Packer fan or a Wisconsin resident. I can relate to that and we “Cheesers” are not offended either. Our long history of cheese, beer, brats and dem Packers is as great as it gets. What makes our state and people so unique is the culture of good times mixed with old fashioned traditions and great manufacturing companies like Sterling Inc., manufacturer of the world famous 56T modulating water valve!

We are fortunate to live in a state where water, lots and lots of good quality fresh water is available. Along with that water supply came the breweries, and manufacturers that rely on water not only for their products but for the processes that make their products. Water is used for cooling of machinery, ovens, making beer, cheese, sausage and just about everything in between. Yes, we are extremely fortunate here in Wisconsin.

But what about the places where water isn’t so plentiful? Where water is rationed and every bit recycled. There are practical solutions for conserving water in a minimalist environment such as using more high efficiency machinery, using ambient air for cooling, recycling water, and using water saving add on products to minimize the need. One great product for minimizing water use is a temperature control valve. Right here in Wisconsin is a company that makes a wide selection of temperature control valves for controlling the amount of water used in a process by modulating water flow based on temperature. Sterling Inc., is a great Wisconsin company that save millions of gallons of water with their 56T modulating water valve which regulates heat transfer equipment with ease. They were a green company before green was invented! The 56T modulating water valve works! Fantastic for regulating cooling water flow to heat exchangers. These valves are provided in a wide range of connection sizes and temperature ranges. Toboa Energy Resources sells the valves and you can save Your company money by using them. Less water used means more clean fresh water for our future.

Solar Lighting Soccer Fields

Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting

The world’s largest sport needs remote solar power. I’m not referring to “Old Trafford” where Manchester United, “the greatest soccer team that ever was” plays! No. I’m referring to that dimly lit park where I take my U-10 girls to train soccer every spring and fall. You know that park, the park where at dusk when the team sports practices end and your dream of running that final drill ends along with it simply because there’s no light. Ah yes those wonderful spring evenings that just beg people to get out of their homes and just do something. That neighborhood park, with the basketball court, baseball diamond, soccer field, swing sets, sand box and creepy darkness that sets in with one lonely burning street light.

It can be different. There can be light, lot and lots of high quality field lighting for sports, and family time without ripping up the neighborhood to install it. High performance solar lighting, charged by a solar array and battery pack can provide hours of extra time to a community municipal park of sports field. It doesn’t require huge amounts of light to make even the largest areas useable and safer after dark. The addition of motion detecting solar lights can greatly reduce the power consumption and increase safety of an area.

Toboa Energy Resources can help with a wide range of lighting solutions such as solar street lighting and motion sensing lighting that works great for parking areas, courts, play grounds, and edge of field lighting. Toboa Energy can also provide large stadium field lighting for areas that require more professional grade lighting products. They have both renewable energy lighting and standard lighting solutions for any outdoor application.

Solar lighting normally works using an solar module or an array of modules with a battery pack, battery charge controller, sun timer, and voltage inverter to match the lighting used. Toboa Energy sells both AC and DC lighting LED lighting and conventional commercial high and low bay fixtures. Light is a big part of our living a better more productive life. Light offers safety and the ability to bypass environmental adversity.

Solar Charger Backpack

solar charger backpack and bags

Solar Charger Backpack

It’s the vacation of a life time! You’re going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Marlin fish in the big tournament. Your boss said “sure you can take some time, You’ve earned it” Yet you know that once you get to Mexico and begin the expedition it could be days before you return to civilization. Your wife tells you to call once in a while to let her know you’re still alive and you know that the office will be calling. So grab your gear and don’t forget your solar charger backpack!

There are solutions to every problem. Once your captive to a remote area your need to conserve kicks in. You conserve your supplies, your energy, and whatever electronic batteries you have for “just in case”. I have a simple solution, Solar charger backpacks and bags. Voltaic solar charger backpacks and bags are 100 percent mobile solar power generators designed to charge virtually all handheld electronics. Laptops, cell phones, tablets, just about anything that can be recharged.

Voltaic solar charger backpacks come with detachable solar charging section that zips off and can be attached to another bag, bike rack, etc. with the included straps and clips. It has a large 1500 cubic inches (25 liters) volume to put your equipment or other necessary items. Dimensions are 18″ high x 12″wide x 8″ deep and the entire pack weighs only 4.5 lbs including battery and solar panels! Its padded dedicated laptop pocket fits up to a 17″ laptop or 17″ MacBook, expanded size 17″ laptops may not fit. There are wire channels placed throughout the bag for cables and bladder tubes. Comes complete with phone pouch that sits on the shoulder strap and allows you to charge with easy phone access, removable waist strap built for comfort, high density padding in the shoulder straps and back and
mesh backing material for better air flow. The fabric is 600D shell made from recycled PET (soda bottles),which is waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant

Toboa Energy offers a complete line of Voltaic solar charger backpack, bags and accessories for even the most demanding service. Great for military services charging equipment remotely when power is required and there is none. Voltaic also offers additional spare batteries, solar modules, connectors, cables, and more to enhance your existing backpack or bags. This is another unique product offered by Toboa Energy Resources we promote US manufacturers.

Emergency Solar Energy Saves Lives

emergency solar energy systems for all aspects of living

Emergency solar energy water pumping system

I know many doomsday preparers that spend allot of time worrying about what they’re going to eat and how they’re going to defend their property. No one ever talks about the things that will really help a family recover in the midst of a natural or man made disaster. Electric power! Let’s face it without the electric to run lighting, furnaces, power tools, cooking equipment, washing and drying equipment life would be stressful to say the least. Cold beans don’t taste very good. Some of the items that go quietly into the night once the power grid is gone are television, computers, cordless phones, surveillance cameras, and even things as simple as flashlights eventually fade. You will need emergency solar energy or generator power. You will be forced to buy it or steal it once things become terminal. Once disaster occurs no one will want to give up their source of power for any price.

Here is a great way to begin. On your computer go to  Now, lets search out some basic sustainable equipment to build a home emergency solar energy generator system. You will need a few solar modules, module mounts, deep cycle solar grade batteries, a charge controller and a good DC to AC converter to get the power into a form that is useable. Got it?  Figure out about how many watts/hour or (W/h) of power you will need during a hardship situation. For example one 60 watt light bulb burning for 1 hour is 60 W/h so 10 bulbs times 60W is 10X60 or 600 W/h or .6kWh. If You have a special place that you will be staying that is protected and permanent I suggest creating a system that can be added to by purchasing some of the components such as the charge controller and Voltage converter that are over sized. It may happen that later you can add to the system by either buying components or foraging for them if necessary. So if you need for example 1000 W/h or 1.0 kWh size select system components to do maybe 5 kWh and have expansion capacity.

So you’re not an electrical engineer and maybe this seems way to complex not a problem, no worries. Toboa Energy has the people to size and suggest the proper items for your need. You can contact Toboa Energy by e-mailing them at In the event that you are unsure what you need to do you can call Toboa Energy customer service line for help at 262-757-1110. There are a wide variety of emergency solar energy systems, wind and rechargeable products offered for emergency life sustaining circumstances. Besides electric power there are also water pumps, standard fuel generators, portable solar backpacks tents and military grade equipment to choose from.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to act! Your very existence could be determined right now if you fail to understand the importance of power.