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Mobile Solar Power manufactures their solar generators in the USA to fit your needs. They are easy to tow and set up, and they provide a durable, attractive solution to the remote-power problem.

From our smallest model to the industrial / construction strength of our larger models, all of our generators supply pure sine-wave current that is more consistent than that of your utility. On top of this, they don’t run out of gas, require oil changes or make any noise!

And since the solar generators are not attached to the ground, they require no permits or inspections — nor will it increase your property taxes.

Whether you’re shearing sheep, building a house or powering a remote cabin, you don’t have to settle for a noisy, stinky, malfunctioning  generator that relies on increasingly expensive power sources. We have years of experience working with these and a background and passion for alternative sources of energy. Contact us now and let us find a mobile solar generator that will suit your needs and budget.

Portable Solar Generators

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Our light towers make a lot of light, without making any noise.  Operating off stored battery power, the high-lumen LED flood lights thoroughly illuminate parking lots, work sites, events and disaster response areas.  The tower easily cranks up to 21-feet while four telescopic outriggers provide support for wind speeds up to 85 mph.

Post-dust and pre-dawn lighting control allows for flexible lighting schedules. Run the lights all night, or select two run periods, by selecting how many hours after sundown and how many hours before sunrise the lights come on – with an off-period in the middle of the night to save power.  Lighting control automatically calibrates to changing daylight hours.
Work site lighting
Mobile Solar Lights packed ready to ship
LT-24 600 Lumen Output

LT-2435 600 Lumen with 120v outlet

LT-24Li (Not Released)
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