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Temperature Controlled Cooling Valves

sterlco 56T temperature control valves          56 series bulb wells          56T series sterlco replacement parts

Sterlco 56T     Bulb Wells         56T Parts

Temperature Controlled Heating Valves

150 series heating control valves                R-150-F series control valves for cooling

Sterlco 150F     Sterlco R-150-F

Pressure Controlled Valves

56 series pressure regulated valves

Sterlco 56

Hand Operated Valves

radiator hand valves


Solenoid Actuated Valves

120vAC Water Solenoid Valves

120vAC Brass


Process Control Valves

Toboa Energy Resources offers a wide variety of automatic mechanical actuated process control valves, temperature control valves, electric actuated valves, hand operated valves, for precision control of water cooling and heating systems, oil heating systems, radiators, solenoid operated systems and much more. Materials in brass and stainless steel. Great for use with temperature sensitive equipment where flow must be maintained to keep the system at a constant temperature. Used in temperature controllers, shell & tube heat exchangers, plate style heat exchangers, temperature baths, heating equipment, radiators, steam control systems and more.

Combining Performance and Durability

Whether you’re looking for pressure controlled valves or electric actuated valves, Toboa Energy Resources LLC. has what you need. Manufactured by leading brands, our process control valves cater to a variety of applications. Developed with performance and durability in mind, these process control valves have the ability to withstand corrosion and humidity. In addition, they are economical, easily installable and low maintenance. Browse through our selection to explore process control valves. All orders come with swift and smooth delivery.

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