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Pumps and Pump Controls

Centrifugal  Transfer Pumps

High Head Pressure Centrifugal Pumps          shurflo open impeller centrifugal pumps          self priming centrifugal pumps shurflo          Stamped Stainless Steel Pumps          centrifugal pumps pressure booster

    High Head         Centrifugal       Self Priming        Stamped        PSI Booster

Automatic Demand Pumps

automatic demand pumps DC          bypass dc pumps         automatic demand pumps 120v AC          automatic demand pumps 240 volt AC           Shurflo replacement demand pump parts          Shurflo 8050-305-426 12vDC Portable Oil Change System

  12/24/36vDC        DC Bypass       120vAC            240vAC          Shurflo Parts        Kits

Submersible Pumps & Pump Controls

 Shurflo DC Submersible Pumps          SunPumps Submersible Pumps and Controllers          Grundfos Submersible Pumps and Controls

           Shurflo              SunPumps             Grundfos

Metering & Dispensing Pumps

pulsatron pumps              chemtech water conditioning pumps                  Cooling Tower                 caustic acids                diaphragm metering                series M pulsafeeder

    Chemical        Water Treatment     Towers & Pools     Acids & Caustics     pH & Bleach     Power Generation    

peristaltic pumps


Pumps With Tanks

condensate pumps with tanks




Toboa Energy Resources offers you a wide variety of process pumps and pump controls and support equipment for all aspects of water and chemical pumping applications.  Toboa Energy Resources provides name brand pumps and pump controls from manufacturers such as SHURflo,  SunPumps, Stenner, Pulsafeeder and many more serving;

  • Agricultural water pumps
  • Ground water transfer pumps
  • Process pumps
  • Chemical dispensing pumps
  • Demand pumps
  • Condensate pumps
  • Well Pumps
  • Solar DC Pumps
  • Pressure boosting pumps

We strive to offer great products at the lowest prices possible. We are your store for sustainable solar energy DC pumps, pumping systems for agricultural, residential, industrial, government, military, oil patch and commercial contractors.

A single solution to water and chemical pumping applications

Be it agricultural water or chemical dispensing pumps, you will find a variety of process pumps that meets your needs, goals and budget at Toboa Energy Resources LLC.

Our latest selection includes centrifugal transfer pumps, automatic demand pumps, metering and dispensing pumps, pumps with tanks and submersible pumps.

All of our process pumps and pump controls are available in several sizes. Simple to install, use and maintain, they are the single solution to water and chemical pumping applications.

Pump Brands

pentair pumps    pulsatron pulsafeeder      shurflo pumps     american stainless pumps

sterling steam controls     sun pumps inc     stenner pumps      grundfoslogo

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