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Sterling Steam Control Products Inc. – Sterlco


56T Series Temperature Regulated Valves          56 Series pressure regulated valves          150-F series heating control valves          R-150-F series temperature control valves for cooling          Radiator Hand Valves          56T series bulb wells

56T Series            56 Series              150-F Series            R-150-F Series           Radiator Hand             Bulb Wells


Brass Y strainers          cast iron Y strainers

Brass                     Cast Iron

Condensate Traps

Inverted Bucket Condensate Traps          float and thermostatic traps          thermostatic radiator traps

Bucket                F&T            Thermostatic

Simplex and Duplex Condensate Return Pumps with Tanks

condensate return pumps with steel tanks          Duplex Condensate return Pumps with Steel Tanks         Simplex Condensate Return Pumps with Cast Iron Tanks          Duplex Condensate Return Pumps with Cast Iron Tanks          Simplex Condensate Return Pumps with Stainless Steel Tanks          Duplex Condensate Return Pumps with Stainless Steel Tanks           condensate pump control panels

Steel                 Steel            Cast Iron            Cast Iron          Stainless          Stainless         Control Panels


Sterling Steam Control Products Inc. – Sterlco Inc.

Toboa Energy Resources offers Sterlco – Sterling Steam Control Products and fluid control products for industry. Offering a wide array of Sterlco steam handling equipment choices such as, 56 and 56-T series temperature actuated modulating water valves, bucket and thermostatic steam traps, brass and cast iron Y strainers, steam condensate reservoirs and pumps, radiator hand valves and much more. Sterlco Steam Control Products offers the rugged reliable steam control equipment for professional commercial and industrial cooling and heat transfer systems systems. Toboa Energy Resources supplies commercial users and original equipment manufacturers (o.e.m.’s) companies the latest Sterlco Steam Control products at great low prices with great service and fast delivery to help your heat transfer project succeed.

Located in the Midwest between Chicago and Milwaukee, Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C. is an active member and rated by the better business bureau (BBB).  Our Sterling product offerings are available to be shipped world wide. Check out the full line of Sterlco Steam Control Products offered on this site. Toboa Energy offers many more products than the selections shown if you cannot find what you need please contact our customer service team for additional help. Toboa Energy Resources LLC is an authorized dealer for Sterlco Steam Control products.

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