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56T modulating water valve

56T Temperature Sensing Modulating Water Valve

“Cheese head” the gold standard for people from Wisconsin. Ask anyone “what’s a cheese head” and they’ll tell you a Packer fan or a Wisconsin resident. I can relate to that and we “Cheesers” are not offended either. Our long history of cheese, beer, brats and dem Packers is as great as it gets. What makes our state and people so unique is the culture of good times mixed with old fashioned traditions and great manufacturing companies like Sterling Inc., manufacturer of the world famous 56T modulating water valve!

We are fortunate to live in a state where water, lots and lots of good quality fresh water is available. Along with that water supply came the breweries, and manufacturers that rely on water not only for their products but for the processes that make their products. Water is used for cooling of machinery, ovens, making beer, cheese, sausage and just about everything in between. Yes, we are extremely fortunate here in Wisconsin.

But what about the places where water isn’t so plentiful? Where water is rationed and every bit recycled. There are practical solutions for conserving water in a minimalist environment such as using more high efficiency machinery, using ambient air for cooling, recycling water, and using water saving add on products to minimize the need. One great product for minimizing water use is a temperature control valve. Right here in Wisconsin is a company that makes a wide selection of temperature control valves for controlling the amount of water used in a process by modulating water flow based on temperature. Sterling Inc., is a great Wisconsin company that save millions of gallons of water with their 56T modulating water valve which regulates heat transfer equipment with ease. They were a green company before green was invented! The 56T modulating water valve works! Fantastic for regulating cooling water flow to heat exchangers. These valves are provided in a wide range of connection sizes and temperature ranges. Toboa Energy Resources sells the valves and you can save Your company money by using them. Less water used means more clean fresh water for our future.

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