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7SP Series Pumps

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The 7SP series pumps allow total customization of one of the most versatile and durable stamped stainless pump on the market today. Choose from the electric motor types below and build the pump you need with our design matrix. Included you will find pump curves, drawings, motor specifications and much more.


American Stainless Pumps Electric Motor by Description

The 7SP series pump models are mounted on standard C-Face 56J frame motors.  These motors are typically known as jet pump motors, as they were originally designed for shallow well jet pumps.The type of motor enclosure you desire depends on where you plan to put your pump.


Open Drip-Proof Motors (ODP):
  • ODP motors have semi-open enclosures. They are generally used indoors or in relatively clean dry atmospheres.

  • ODP motors have ventilating openings. These openings are constructed in a fashion that allows drops of liquid or solid particles to fall on the motor at an angle less than 15 degrees without entering the motor.

  • If installation is required outdoors, ODP motors should be protected with a cover that doesn’t block ventilation of the motor.

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors (TEFC)  & Totally Enclosed Non-Vented Motors (TENV):
  • Totally Enclosed motors are suitable for use in outdoor environments without other protective coverings.

  • TEFC motors are cooled by an external shrouded fan mounted on the motor shaft at the rear of the motor.

  • TENV are not cooled by external means, and are designed to withstand higher temperatures associated with such.

Explosion Proof Motors (XPRF):
  • Explosion proof motors are also TEFC or TENV motors. They are designed for applications in atmospheres that are hazardous and may contain explosive gases or dusts.

  • XPRF motors are designated as belonging to one or more of the following groups:

  • CLASS I (Gases, Vapors)
    • Group A – Acetylene
    • Group B – Butadiene, ethylene oxide, hydrogen, propylene oxide
    • Group C – Acetaldehyde, cyclopropane, diethel ether, ethylene, isoprene
    • Group D – Acetone, acrylonitrite, ammonia, benzene, butane, ethylene dichloride, gasoline, hexane, methane, methanol, naphtha, propane, propylene, styrene, toluene, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, xylem
  • CLASS II (Combustible Dusts)
    • Group E – Aluminum, magnesium and other metal dusts with similar characteristics.
    • Group F – Carbon black, coke or coal dust
    • Group G – Flour, starch or grain dust.
Washdown Duty Motors (W):
  • Washdown duty motors enable the motor to be completely sprayed by liquid without malfunctioning. This does not allow for the motor to be submerged.

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