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Toboa Energy Resources LLC offers American Made Standby and Prime Power Gillette Generators and is proud to announce the supply of Gillette Generators to our list of over forty thousand products offered. Gillette Generators founded in the early 1960’s, 50 years later Gillette has grown into a diversified company providing standby generators to commercial, military, institutional, agricultural, industrial, and residential markets Located in Elkhart Indiana producing natural gas, LPG, and diesel fueled standby generators available from 12 kilowatt to 400 kilowatt featuring world class components such as: GM Vortec and John Deere engines, and Marathon generator ends.

Home Standby Generators

Toboa Energy wants to make your home power ready with one of our Gillette US made home standby generators. Gillette Generators provide security and peace when external bad weather or other forces cause utility power failure. The Gillette products keep your home and family safe and the lights and power on and your lifestyle intact. Residential standby generators are available to match power requirements of your home. You can count on the many features and benefits of a Gillette power generation system.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are the work horse of small business and remote power generation Gillette offers 7 Models of heavy duty generators to choose from 5-12.5kw with brushless maintenance free generator end, minimal harmonic distortion in the wave form and power by Honda and Kohler engines a superior package for any commercial or residential user. Great for camping or just as a portable on the farm.

Commercial Gas Standby Generators

Gillette commercial generators offered by Toboa Energy Resources

Superior Gillette technology provides health care institutions, hotels, medical centers, office buildings, any facility that has critical power needs. Toboa Energy offers a reasonable effective solution to protect you with LP/natural gas powered standby generator systems. Gillette’s state of the art power generation systems are engineered for reliability, durability, and performance.

Industrial Diesel Generators

Reliable and rugged these time tested Gillette diesel powered generators give you the performance and empower you with quality standby equipment specifically serving waste water, data centers, oil and gas, municipal road lighting, government bid spec, and other markets that require diligent application requirements.

Agricultural Diesel Generators

Specifically designed to agricultural needs these Gillette diesel powered systems built for agricultural confinement houses, greenhouse facilities, and dairy operations. Superior workhorse John Deere engines powering Marathon generator ends, equates to reliable estate back up power.

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