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Automatic Demand Pumps DC Powered

“Hundreds of pumps and repair parts in stock ready to ship same day!”

12 volt DC Powered Automatic Demand Pumps & Parts

12 Volt DC demand pumpsSHURFLOAQUATEC Demand PumpsAQUATEC

24 volt DC Powered Automatic Demand Pumps & Parts

12 Volt DC demand pumpsSHURFLO

36 volt DC Powered Automatic Demand Pumps & Parts

12 Volt DC demand pumpsSHURFLO


Automatic Demand Pumps DC Powered offers 12v, 24v, 36v with Automatic Demand Switch

Highly efficient low cost Automatic Demand Pumps DC Powered for DC solar operated or DC battery operated systems. Diaphragm pump controls the on off cycle relying on pressure actuated switch to activate pumping. Ideally suited for for operation with solar powered systems and battery systems. Offers low amp draw, 12, 24, 36 volt DC options, consistent performance, and long life make Shurflo DC demand pumps perfect for use on the range pumping water for cattle, a solar home irrigation system, marine bilges, farm sprayers, or wherever highly efficient DC powered fluid delivery is required.  Several popular 2088 and 8000 series models are in stock for one day or same day shipment.

2088 Series Diaphragm Pumps: The 2088 series deliver reliable performance in high flow, moderate pressure applications. They are used in a variety of transfer and dispense-on-demand applications where flow to 3.8 GPM is required. For added reliability, the Twist-on Strainer can be used on the 2088 inlet port. Install optional 4” heat sink 34-006 or 5” heat sink 34-007 for heavy-duty applications where extra cooling is required.

8000 Series Diaphragm Pumps: This compact and economical pump can be used for general purpose water delivery, or will dispense on demand using the built-in pressure demand switch. All 8000 Series Positive Displacement Pumps are self-priming, and will run dry without damage. Designed for 12 vDC operation, this pump can be equipped with a compact Twist-on Strainer for added reliability. Pump’s unique design allows for easy maintenance, unmatched reliability and trouble free performance.

Shipping: Inventory levels displayed on the internet are delayed and not real time. If you need a pump right away please contact customer service 1-262-654-3833 to confirm stock before placing your order, your credit card will be charged at time of order. Pumps that are out of stock could take up to 4 weeks to replenish.

  • In stock Shurflo pumps normally ship in 1 working day.
  • Non-stock available Shurflo pumps normally ship from Shurflo inventory in 7-10 working days.
  • Out of Stock Shurflo pumps normally ship up to 4 weeks from Shurflo manufacturing.
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