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Offering cutting edge variable speed water chiller systems with specialized heat exchanger structures for a large variety of commercial applications. Perfect for industrial manufacturing, food and beverage processing, medical and pharmaceutical, injection molding, plastics products. We offer portable AIR OR WATER chiller condensing units, remote variable speed energy saving AIR Condensing process chilling units, central AIR OR WATER condensing units.

Variable Speed Chillers

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Water Circulation Units

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Oil Circulation Units

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Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C. offers one of the most reliable industry names in industrial chiller technology, Delta T Systems. Delta T Systems unique water and process fluid chillers are specially made for plastic injection molding machines, hospital equipment, industrial processes, food processing and much more. Since 1990 Delta T Systems (Formerly Delta-Therm) has dedicated itself to one single discipline, temperature control. Their goal at Delta T Systems is to help your business run more efficiently and become more profitable.

We offer custom chillers and chiller packages including add on features such as heat exchangers to offer you the best turn key package available. Our thermal engineers can help you decide the best course and apply the right most efficient equipment for your system needs. Send us your inquiry and our engineers will get started.

For Prices and Sizing of Water Chillers Air or Liquid Cooled, call 1-855-654-3833

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