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Although it has been quite a few years since solar panels and solar energy systems were first introduced, not many people are fully aware of the amazing benefits they offer.

Many still think that these systems are expensive to purchase and maintain.



With the help of our solar energy pros, we help you tackle 5 of the most common solar energy myths:

#1-Why not wait for the technology to become even more efficient?

Even though it is clear that solar power systems have advanced over the years, we’re still utilizing the same technology we did back in the 60s. Different technologies keep on improving.

However, you need to understand that the current solar power systems are stable enough to keep you powered up for decades.

#2-It is only for the elite

This might have been true a decade ago, but not any longer. The prices for solar power systems have dropped by as much as 80% since 2008.

On the other hand, there are a variety of financing options available along with government tax credits. The amount you save from solar panels will itself cover the total cost for installation in a short duration.

#3-They require extensive maintenance

Solar panels are exceptionally easy to maintain. There are not moving parts. All you need to do is to remove large debris and hose off the panels once in a while. Many systems also come with monitoring systems to keep you updated on the condition of the panels 24/7.

#4-Solar panels will look bad on my home or office property

The general public opinion on solar panels is gradually evolving as people are starting to accept them as environmentally friendly options. In addition to this, if looks are a major concern, you can choose from a diverse variety of options in terms of style, shape and designs.

#5-Solar power doesn’t work in cloudy weather conditions

If you feel you may not be able to use solar power effectively in cloudy conditions, you are wrong.

Solar power systems continue to work effectively even in foggy weather conditions. Even regions that are relatively colder are able to produce the same output of solar power through the same systems.

Now that you know fact from fiction, it’s time to check out your options for solar batteries and solar panels. Check out our collection of Deka AGM Solar Batteries today.

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