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Green Schools

All Schools Wanna-be Green

2010-04-21_153125Let’s “go green” is the buzz of thousands of schools across the USA. Many school officials and teachers view green as something that can be done on a limited basis possibly in the class room or teachers lounge. The issues of green are bazaar since by tossing a can or bottle in the right colored bag we feel our part is over for “being green”. The reality is that just about everything, regardless if it has been recycled or not, ends up in the land fill and is a potential hazard to the environment at some point.

Why not start green rather than end green? Paper is better than plastic and plastic is better than glass in terms of biodegradable mass. Unfortunately many of the so called renewable or green items are very hazardous to dispose of such as high efficiency fluorescent lights and cleaning solutions. Everything biodegrade’s over time it depends if you have one month or one million years to allow the process to occur.

The real battle is not green, it is pollution and the handling and proper disposal of hazardous materials. Earth is amazing, land fills are actually large compost bins that eventually turn everyday waste items back into the planet.

Schools inquire about these cost saving systems

  • Project Assessment
  • Solar Power Systems
  • Wind Generator Systems
  • Resource Consulting
  • Site Planning
  • Experienced Personal
  • Installation Services
  • Backup Generators
  • Solar Skylighting
  • Water Purification Systems
  • Renewable Outdoor Lighting

 Interested in making a difference for your school or university? Toboa Energy can help by offering cost savings over the long term for many old school methods and equipment. To get a free estimate on what your school can save fill out the inquiry and get started!  Tell us what you’re thinking and we will help find a viable solution.

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