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winco generators

Regardless of what is done in Washington DC, people of America must prepare for the aftermath of the on going debt crisis. Thinking about it this past week lead me to some interesting conclusions that I wasn’t expecting. What happens to people if the Federal government defaults on its obligations? Who is it defaulting on and what is the effect?
After considering it for a while I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the banks of foreign debt that bothered me but for locally it was subsidies to keep things running that would be the largest obstacle.

winco electric power generators

Regardless of the systematic failures that could occur, what was my position to do anything about it? I figure nothing that I can do will change anything if the power company jacks up the rates or shuts it all off. Nothing I can do if every city or federal worker just walks off the job. Nothing I could do if the banks all close. Nothing I could do to prevent the stores from becoming depleted. It was really hard to consider and admit but the truth was nothing that I could do that would stop any of these larger life changing events from happening and that is highly disturbing when you consider how close we are.

What can I do? What can you do? It didn’t take to long to figure out that all of the things that make life easier are operated on electric power and without that basic item it will be almost impossible to manage a family. Electric power is at the root of civilization and without it our developed nation will suffer greatly. The first thing I did was order a Winco “Lil Dog” gas generator 3000 watts 120vAC that was portable, that my wife could move and is simple to use $629.95 at www.toboaenergy.com. There are larger gas generators but they use more fuel and are difficult to transport. This one will fit in the back of my Toyota Prius and is movable by my kids so it is perfect for camping, emergencies, sporting events those late night soccer practices etc…. A great value for the size and price.

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