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100 Amp ASCO 185 Series Automatic Transfer Switch NEMA 3R Enclosure

The outdoor rated 100 Amp ASCO 185 Series Automatic Transfer Switch allows reliable 1 phase 120/240v AC power connection, NEMA 3R enclosure for outdoor mounting and use, compatible with all 2-wire start systems from all manufacturers. This automatic transfer switch is made from top quality products and engineered to the guidelines of ASCO. This Transfer switch can be used in outdoor settings in areas were inside options are not available.  Please check with your electrician for the proper installation of this switch and make sure the unit will work with the generator you are installing. Proper installation of this switch is a must and if not installed correctly the generator will not work correctly when it counts the most. Toboa Energy is an ASCO  distributor and can provide the products for your contractor or your electrical firm.  Buy online for quicker delivery

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