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SHurflo bypass pumps

Shurflo bypass pumps can be used in many applications such as industrial pumping situations. They are ideal for multi-fixture adjustable bypass fresh water installations. Other uses may include pressurized water systems in cabins and general water transfer. Benefits include a heavy-duty, thermally protected, CE compliant sealed motor, adjustable bypass and a self-priming 4-chamber design. This pump has a unique co-molded diaphragm and can run dry without damage. The shurflo bypass pumps are multi functional in the applications they can be used in making these pumps the most versatile pumps in the industry.


General transfer – moving any number of different fluids from point A to B
Filtration systems – various versions from residential to industrial
Agriculture – transfer of fluids from tanks to sprayers
General spraying – industrial / agriculture / food service / cleaning
Pest control – chemical transfer & spraying
Remote wash down stations – where there may not be a good source of wired power

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