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11 Inch Quick-Change Post-Carbon Filter Cartridge WQCGAC11 (3Pack)

$ 65.22 $ 39.24

11 Inch Quick-Change Post-Carbon Filter Cartridge WQCGAC11 (3Pack) features double ‘o’ rings to prevent leaking, automatic water shut off valves, and hinged heads for easy replacement. It is recommended that post-carbon filters be replaced every 12 months. Works with 50 GPD System models. Replacement part WQCGAC11 is intended for Quick-Change Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Toboa Energy Resources LLC is a certified USA Watts Water dealer online since 2007.


11 Inch Quick-Change Post-Carbon Filter Cartridge WQCGAC11 for the Watts Water Quick-Change system. The Watts Water Quick-Change system makes cartridge replacement easy by utilizing hinged cartridge heads for easy access and built-in check valves so that filter replacement happens seamlessly without shutting off the water supply or storage tank. This unique filter contains built-in valves to prevent backflow for quality water assurance and does not contain any sumps.

11 Inch Quick-Change Post-Carbon Filter Cartridge WQCGAC11 is not compatible with Watts EZ RO Systems.


Watts Quick-Change Reverse Osmosis Systems

This residential reverse osmosis system contains up to four separate treatment stages that effectively clean and purify your water. Please verify your unit model before ordering!

The stages are as follows:

  1. Sediment Filter
    • Traps sediment and particulates which affect the taste and appearance of water (dirt, silt, rust, etc.)
    • Change every 6 months
    • Buy them here: WQCSC10, WQCSC11, WQCSC13
  2. Pre-Carbon Filter
    • Reduces chlorine and other factors that cause bad taste and odor
    • Change every 6 months
    • Buy them here: WQCCC10, WQCCC11, WQCCC13
  3.  RO Membrane Filter
    • Removes salts, minerals, metals, bacteria, viruses, cysts, and more
    • Change every 1-2 years
    • Buy them here: WQCM11-50, WQCM13-100
  4. Post Carbon Filter
    • Utilizes a granular activated carbon (GAC) cartridge that finalizes purification and guarantees high quality water
    • Change every 12 months
    • Buy them here: WQCGAC11, WQCGAC13


Filtration Standards

There are many variations that meet the following NSF standards:

NSF Standard 42

  • Reduces Chlorine taste and odor
  • Reduces Particulates
  • Reduces Sand
  • Reduces Silt
  • Reduces Rust Particles

NSF Standard 53

  • Reduces Lead
  • Reduces VOC
  • Reduces herbicides
  • Reduces pesticides
  • Reduces Insecticides
  • Reduces Cysts


Toboa Energy Resources LLC is an authorized Watts Water Technology dealer. Many “knock-off filters” are sold into the market from foreign countries with questionable quality and effectiveness. Toboa Energy provides the best OEM and replacement choice for your most important asset, clean, safe, sediment free water. Toboa Energy Resources LLC offers outstanding Watts Water Technology products and has been providing sales and replacement services online since 2007. It’s no surprise why our customers keep coming back! Quality, reliability, honesty and good service.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
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