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DE23 | Diesel Prime Power Generator

$ 21,409.00

WINCO’s DE23 prime power generator comes in outputs of 19.8 kW (single-phase) and 20.7 kW (three-phase) and rated to handle from 31 to 82 amps of current. UL2200 listed. Made in the USA.

This product at base price above comes default with the following:

  • Advanced DSE7310 Digital Controller
  • 3 stage, 2 amp battery charger


  • 12V battery not included
  • Current (amp) rating depends on voltage output choice
  • Consult specification sheet below for more details

More Info:

Voltage Output * 

Optional Additions


The Winco DE23 diesel prime power generator offers voltage outputs in 120/240V single-phase as well as 120/208V, 120/240V, and 277/480V in three-phase. Ranging from 31 to 82 amps of current and 19.8 to 20.7 kilowatts of power, the this generator is extremely versatile and can suit many needs. This Winco prime power generator has new features such as a standard DSE7310 controller, the new Isuzu 4LE2T series engine, service access on one side, Electronic Common Rail, and radiator ducting, to name a few.

Prime Power Model Basics:

120/240V 1-PH | 19.8 kW | 82 Amps

120/208V 3-PH | 20.7 kW | 71 Amps

120/240V 3-PH | 20.7 kW | 62 Amps

277/480V 3-PH | 20.7 kW | 31 Amps

Prime Power Generator Features:

Isuzu 4LE2T 2.2 Liter Engine
     Dependable 4 cylinder, 1800 RPM engine.
     EPA compliant, tier 4 final.
Deep Sea 7310 MKII Controller
     This digital controller is powerful and dynamic with a
     user-friendly interface.
Stamford Generator End
     Alternators built to produce clean power for industrial
Battery Charger
     Factory installed 3 stage, 2 Amp battery charger.
Block Heater
     In-line Kim Hotstart, 120V, block heater with thermostat.
Powder Coat Paint
     Provides a durable, long lasting finish.
UL2200 Listed
     A safety standard for the design, construction, and
     performance of stationary generators.
100% Load Tested
    Every WINCO generator undergoes a load test before it leaves the factory.

DE23 Prime Power Generator Additional Information:

Standby Watts 120/240 1-PH: 20,000
120/208 3-PH: 23,000
120/240 3-PH: 23,000
277/480 3-PH: 23,000
Prime Watts 120/240 1-PH: 19,800
120/208 3-PH: 20,700
120/240 3-PH: 20,700
277/480 3-PH: 20,700
Standby Amps 120/240 1-PH: 91
120/208 3-PH: 79
120/240 3-PH: 69
277/480 3-PH: 34
Prime Amps 120/240 1-PH: 82
120/208 1-PH: 71
120/240 3-PH: 62
277/480 3-PH: 31
Dimensions 66.7″ x 33.6″ x 43.4″
Weight Without Tank: 1,450 lbs
With Tank: 1,650 lbs
Unit Warranty 1 year/2000 hours
Assembled In USA
Engine Brand: Isuzu
Model: 4LE2T
Fuel Diesel
Emissions Tier IV Final

DE23 Prime Power Generator Information:

Engine Information

Generator Information

Additional information

Weight 1700 lbs
Dimensions 87 × 41 × 65 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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