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DE4040F4 | Diesel Prime Power Generator

$ 30,011.00

WINCO’s DE4040F4 prime power generator comes in outputs of 40 kW and is rated to handle from 48 to 166 amps of current. UL2200 listed. Made in the USA.

This product at base price above comes default with the following:

  • Advanced DSE7310 Digital Controller
  • Smart trickle battery charger


  • 12V battery not included
  • Current (amp) rating depends on voltage output choice
  • Consult specification sheet below for more details

More Info:

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Voltage Output * 

Optional Additions

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WINCO’s DE4040F4 diesel prime power generator offers voltage outputs in 120/240V single-phase as well as 120/208V, 120/240V, 277/480V, and 346/600V in three-phase. Ranging from 48 to 166 amps of current and outputting 40 kilowatts of power, the this generator is extremely versatile and can suit many needs.

Model Basics:

120/240V 1-PH | 40 kW | 166 Amps

120/208V 3-PH | 40 kW | 139 Amps

120/240V 3-PH | 40 kW | 120 Amps

277/480V 3-PH | 40 kW |   60 Amps

346/600V 3-PH | 40 kW |   48 Amps

For further details, please consult the specification sheet and/or operator’s manual below.

WINCO is excited to enter the Tier IV Final market! The DE4040F4 prime power generator has new features such as a standard DSE7310 controller, the new FPT F5 series engine, service access on one side, Electronic Common Rail, and radiator ducting, to name a few.

This product ships free!

DE4040F4 Prime Power Generator Features:

3.4L Engine
     Everyone knows the saying that “there is no replacement
     for displacement.” A lot of engine manufacturers are
     pushing really small engines into this range for TIER IV
     final. WINCO thinks a little more engine is key for long life
     and quick responses to load changes. There is not
     a need to shutdown for regens with this FPT F5 series
     engine with DOC-PMCAT.
Cummins Industrial Generator End
     With automatic voltage regulation.
Electronic Common Rail
     Excellent frequency control and load pick-up.
Radiator Ducting
     Allowing you to get the unit closer to your venting system,
     making your installation easier and helps reduce air
Fork Pockets
     Convenient fork pockets integrated into the unit,
     giving you the ability to lift from all directions
Battery Charger
     A smart trickle battery charger comes standard.
DSE7310 Controller 
     Digital controller allows for remote start, engine
     code reader, with advanced metering, safeties
     and shutdowns to protect your investment

DE4040F4 Prime Power Generator Information:

Engine Information

Generator Information

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs
Dimensions 85 × 48 × 71 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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