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Delta T Systems 2 ton Water Cooled Chiller

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Water Chiller Units range from 2 to 30 tons cooling capacity, Variable speed compressor operates effectively between 10% and 100% of rated capacity, Energy savings between 30% to 50% of initial investment
Standard operating range from 0°F to 80°F (-18°C to 27°C), State of the art, adaptive controls with remote communication options and Industry 4.0 ready

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The purpose of the Detla T 2 ton water cooled chiller is to remove heat from a process and transfer it to a separate cooling entity such as a cooling tower.
For large capacity industrial applications in which heat generated by air cooled chillers creates a problem, water cooled chillers are generally used in conjunction with a cooling tower.
Mineral deposits buildup in the heat transfer circuit can degrade heat transfer and reduce system efficiency, so water cooled chillers typically require condenser water treatment to eliminate any buildup.
Whether you need a water cooled chiller for industrial processing or another application,

A chiller equipped with a fixed speed compressor controls the temperature of the water traditionally with simple on/off of the compressor. This means that when the compressor runs, it runs at the designed load regardless of the process needs. A more advanced option is a hot gas bypass which technically keeps the chiller running but bypasses the hot gas if no cooling load is needed. This avoids the on/off of the compressor but results in a waste of energy since no cooling is required from the process.
The Delta T Systems industrial chiller with the variable speed compressor operates effectively between 10% and 100% of the capacity which means a 10 ton chiller can operate efficiently as a 1 ton as well as up to a 10ton chiller.
The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) conducted several studies to identify the true amount of time a chiller runs at full vs. partial load. The outcome is an integrated part load value (IPLV). The national average cost for electricity is $0.14/kw-hr. If you assume a 2 shift operation, 5 days a week for one year, the energy savings for a 10 ton chiller are $4,690 or 58% less than a chiller with a fixed speed compressor. These energy cost savings can pay for a chiller in less than 3 years.
These conservatively calculated energy savings can be much higher because most chillers are selected based on the peak usage time of the year which means the chiller is oversized for the average usage.

Nominal Performance@50 Degrees F LPT, 85 Degrees F Condenser Inlet Water
Cooling Capacity: 24018 BTUH
Coolant Supply Temperature: 50 Degrees F
Coolant flow: 4.8 GPM
Unit Pressure Drop: 7 PSID
Compressor Power: 1535 Watts
EER: 15.65
Sound Power Level DBA
Sound Power Level @ 1 Meter
Maximum Performance @ 50 degrees F Condenser Inlet Water Max Compressor Speed
Cooling Capacity: 32830 BTUH
Compressor Power: 2247 watts
EER: 14.60 BTU/Watts
Operating Parametrs
Coolant: Water
Coolant Supply Temperature: 0-80 Degrees F
Condenser inlet water temp: 50-90 Degrees F
Minimum Load: 2402 BTUH
Coolant Flow: 2.4-9.6 GPM
Ambient Air Temperature: 95 degree F
Minimum Condenser Water Flow: 6 GPM
Minimum Condenser Supply Pressure: 20 PSI
Compressor: Variable Speed Scroll
Coolant Pump: SST Centrifugal
Evaporator: Brazed Plate
Condenser: Tube n Tube
Reservoir: 12 Gallon Polyethylene
Power: 480v3PH/60h
Control Circuit: 24VAC
Compressor MAX load amps: 5.6 amps
Evaporator Filter: 20 Mesh
Coolant Circuit: Non-Ferrous
Capacity Control: VS Compressor
Refrigerant: 1 lbs R-410A
Internal Supports: Galvanized Steel
Panels: Powder Coated Steel
Weight: 570 LBS
Weight: 470 LBS
Electrical Enclosure: Nema 12
Control: Microprocessor

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