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Exeltech XP600-108 600W 108v DC Sine Wave Inverter

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Exeltech XP600-108 600W 108v DC Sine Wave Inverter. Sine wave inverter converts 108v DC inti 120v AC power, rugged enough for most mobile environments, UL listed to 1950 for telecom applications, made in USA.

SKU: E0010-90008


The Exeltech XP600-108 600W 108v DC Sine Wave Inverter. The 108v DC to 120v AC inverter will operate any 120v AC load anywhere. Lightweight, yet rugged enough for the most extreme mobile environments, and are UL listed to 1950 for telecom applications. Made in USA.  The finest sine-wave inverter in the power conversion industry. Exeltech’s journey to excellence includes the first affordable sine wave inverter, first modular inverter system, first N+1 redundant inverter system, and the cleanest sine wave output in the industry. Exeltech strives to manufacture products of the highest possible quality, and is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Proudly built in the USA with American parts, Exeltech is committed to TL 9000 standards and beyond, adding people and procedures continually to further improve quality and customer

  • Model:  XP-600 / 108v DC
  • Normal Volts: 124v DC
  • Minimum Volts DC: 94.0v DC
  • Cut-Off / Alarm: 95.0v DC
  • Maximum Volts DC: 149v DC
  • Rated Current Amps: 5.6A
  • Peak Current Amps: 10.9A


XP600 series inverters provide the cleanest, best regulated sine wave output over the widest DC input of any inverter on the market today. They are extremely low in Total Distortion. , total harmonic Distortion is typically 0.8 to 0.9%. Remaining distortion is a result of residual switching noise, which amounts to a 25 kHz sine wave superimposed on the fundamental output. No significant harmonics of 25 kHz exist. This spectral purity will exist over the inverter’s entire operating envelope, including non-linear and reactive loads. As long as peak output current remains less than 280% of rated current, total harmonic distortion will remain within the 2% spec. Peak current capability of the inverter is key to understanding it’s operational envelope. As long as the inverter is supplying less than this amount, it will function properly and operate virtually any load. Many inverters are rated in Volt-Amps (VA), as opposed to Watts. This is in an attempt to make an inverter or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) appear larger than it really is.

More info… Exeltech XP600 – 1100 – 2000 Series Brochure.pdf

Extra info… Exeltech XP600-1100 Series Addendum.pdf

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12.1 × 7.69 × 3.565 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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