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IMD 31005 PTO Driven AVR Generator 31KW 1PH 120/240V

$ 4,727.52

IMD 31005 PTO Driven AVR Generator 31KW 1PH 120/240V Rated Wattage: 31,000 Watts single phase ,Maximum Breaker Capacity 125A: duplex NEMA 5-20, straight blade NEMA 14-50, Anderson 175A, , 540 rpm drive speed, 41HP Input PTO horsepower required. Optional Drive shaft, hitch, heavy duty trailer and power plug. (Photo shown without option adders)

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The IMD 31005 PTO Driven AVR Generator 31KW 1PH 120/240V comes with Individually protected circuits. Every receptacle on our generators is individually protected by its own circuit breaker and ever circuit breaker is wired through the main circuit breaker for maximum protection. The Automatic Voltage Regulation is included on this unit. The AVR technology regulates the output voltage of our generator to a higher degree of efficiency and allows for larger startup power. Now all IMD PTO generators come standard equipped with a Three Bar LED Meter that monitors the Hertz, Volts, and Amperage of your PTO generator. All of our generators have UL/CSA approved magnetic circuit breakers, of the same or higher specifications than the one that protects your home or farm.

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  • PTO 31-2S AVR
  • SKU# 31005
  • Voltage Regulation: AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator)
  • 31KW continuous output
  • 1 Phase
  • Voltage 120/240
  • Required PTO HP: 63 HP
  • Breaker Capacity: 125 A
  • Panel Outlets: · Duplex NEMA 5-20, · Straight Blade NEMA 14-50, · Anderson 175A
  • Standard 1-3/8″, 6-spline input shaft.
  • Options
    – Drive Shaft P10022
    – Full Power Plug P14175
    – 3-Point Hitch P10015
    – Heavy Duty Trailer P10017

Standard Features

  • High quality PTO generator with 16KW continuous output.
  • Heavy duty single-phase, brushless (capacitor) design for maintenance free performance.
  • 100% copper winding, low distortion alternator (THM<5%) for high quality power output, insulation class H.
  • Lifetime pre-sealed maintenance-free bearings.
  • Aluminum and steel housing for a maximum in durability and lightweight.
  • Heavy duty cast iron single stage gearbox.
  • Magnetic circuit breaker with individual circuit protection for safety and accurate overload protection.
  • 4” Three Bar LED meter provides accurate display of Hertz, Volts, and Amps output.
  • Drip-proof design.
  • Simultaneous 120V and 240V output.
  • Full power outlet.
  • Standard 1-3/8″, 6-spline input shaft.

Additional information

Weight 425 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 42 × 36 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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