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Exeltech MX1000-108v Power Module

$ 1,094.66

Exeltech MX1000-108v Power Module is is a 1000 watt 108v DC input slave power inverter that works with master module or a system control card. Add up to four of these powerful 1000 watt Power Modules to your 108v DC Master module and get up to 5000 continuous watts of clean converted AC 100vAC, 120vAC, or 230vAC power.

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Exeltech MX1000-108v Power Module 1 kW 60Hz Hot Swappable is is a 1000 watt slave power inverter. It requires drive signals off of the “Master Module” or “Control Card”. This module is the backbone of the inverter system. Choose matching input voltages of either 12,24,32,48,66,or 108vdc. Output voltages of 100vAC, 120vAC, or 230vAC. They are the world’s first truly redundant, modular inverter system; the most reliable inverter system available.

More info… Exeltech_MX-Series_Brochure.pdf

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 7 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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