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Wanco 1500 Watt Solar LED 30 Foot Telescoping Light Tower Large Trailer

$ 23,010.00

Standard large frame portable light power plant Wanco 1200 Watt Solar LED 30 Foot Telescoping Light Tower offers 20,100 lumens in a easy to setup large mobile platform. Power system includes manual on/off modes, four 300 watt solar panels flat array, four 12v DC batteries with 400A/h capacity, theft resistant battery box, battery charge controller, large extended front deck with raised platform trailer and 2 inch ball hitch and a 3500 pound axle. Add additional lights and battery capacity to really light up the night.

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This portable light power plant is the Wanco 1500 Watt Solar LED 30 Foot Telescoping Light Tower Large Trailer offers four adjustable high-efficiency 50 Watt LED lights fixtures offering a combined 20,100 lumens connected to an easy to setup small mobile platform. The 30 foot telescoping light array rotates up to 350 degrees offering fully adjustable light fixtures. Power system includes manual on/off modes, four 300W solar panels plus two 150 watt tilt out panels, four 12v DC 4D AGM batteries with 400A/h capacity, heavy duty theft resistant battery box, battery charge controller 40 amp 27 volt, 2 inch ball hitch and a 3500 pound axle.

Wanco portable solar towers light up a large area without a noisy engine or an external power supply. High-efficiency LED lights can be raised to 20 or 30 feet depending on the model. Choose the appropriate combination of batteries, solar power and lights for the performance you require. Four-light models can be expanded to eight lights in just minutes. Operating modes include automated dusk-to-dawn operation, among other settings.

The energy-efficient lights on these light towers are powered by sealed, maintenance-free batteries, which are charged automatically via the adjustable solar panels. Portable and easy to deploy, setup takes less than 5 minutes by one person.

Brochure Wanco Portable Solar LED Light

Features (1500 Watts)

  • Four 50 Watt high-powered LED lights
  • 1200 Watts Installed Solar
  • 30-foot tower
  • Year-round autonomous operation
  • Automatic and manual operating modes
  • Battery powered and solar charged
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries


  • Trailer: Tubular steel welded construction,  Extended front trailer deck with raised step platform, Extendable Rear Bumper for Added wind Stability, Round Full Wheel Fenders that are Bolted to the Trailer Frame.
  • Axle Assembly: 3,500  lb., Double-Eye Leaf Springs, Removable Drawbar
  • Hitch: 2” Ball Hitch
  • Winch: Top-Wind 800 lb.
  • Stabilizers: Swivel Wheel Jack, Four corner 2,000 lb. Stabilizer Jacks
  • Coatings: Red and White Conspicuity Tape, Powder Coated Flat Black
  • Control Box: Aluminum control box with 3-point locking door, Master battery / solar disconnect switch, Wanco LED light control pc boards, programmable 24hr/7 day timer, digital voltmeter, (optional switches for electric winch or actuators)
  • Tower: 30-Foot Telescoping Tower Rotating 355 Degrees, Hand-operated Winch for Raising and Lowering Tower,  Four 50 Watt LED Light Fixtures (20,100 Total Lumens)
  • Solar: High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Solar Modules, Dual slide bar positioning locks, Hand crank actuator tilt for 600 and 900W Solar Panel Arrays,   Dual electric actuator tilt for 1200 and 1500W solar arrays
  • Batteries: Wanco Security Battery Box with Lid & dual puck locks, Four 12V sealed AGM Batteries (400 Ah Total Capacity, approximately 37 hrs. run time), 40 Amp Battery Charger, (optional second battery box available)


Rural & hard-to-reach areas
Emergency response
Crime scenes
Accident investigation
Utility repairs
Construction & work sites
Temporary security
Military applications
Wherever high-voltage power is not an option

Additional information

Weight 4800 lbs
Dimensions 217 × 160 × 115 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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