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Site Planning

Toboa Energy Resources works for you to help you meet your financial goals. Project and site planning are extremely important, that’s why Toboa Energy is unique in the mid-west. Engineering and customer satisfaction drives Toboa Energy and the products and services that we offer.

Successful site planning has many steps and every step takes time and has its own hurdles. It is important that careful planning with an open mind be applied when dealing with wind projects. There are many long term choices to be made when preparing a wind turbine site for operation. Small things that seem unimportant initially can become costly problems later if not reviewed prior to development. The easiest way to begin any planning is to know the steps and gather information. Toboa Energy has listed several steps that must be considered prior to wind generator erection on a site.

The Toboa Energy residential site planning worksheet can help get your project on the right track and provide the necessary information for correct assessment.

Toboa Energy can help.

  • What are the reasons for building a wind project?
  • Assess small wind economics
  • Testing your wind resource
  • Know the climate
  • Choosing the right turbine and tower
  • Installing the system
  • Know your rights when working with your utility
  • Zoning/permitting
  • Bonding Insurance
  • Net metering and Private Purchase Agreements
  • Operation and maintenance requirements
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