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Thermal Transfer 1200 series 6 Inch B Series Heat Exchangers

Thermal Transfer 1200 series 6 Inch B Series Heat Exchangers. The B Series is very versatile in its ability to accommodate multiple application requirements. The smaller size unit features tube options with greater surface area and multiple baffle spacing options to optimize heat transfer and pressure drop. The B series is a non-ferrous design. Brass construction makes it ideal for water to water, including sea water cooling applications.

Competitively priced, the non-ferrous SB-Steel shell version is the same as the B series, but is not ideal for water to water or sea water applications.

Young Touchstone thermal interchange
Competitively priced
1/4″ or 3/8″ tubes available
Water to water applications
Sea water applications
NPT, SAE O-Ring, SAE flange, or BSPP shell side connections available
End bonnets removable for servicing
Mounting feet included (may be rotated in 90° increments)
Product Option
90/10 copper nickel cooling tubes and bronze end bonnets for sea water service
Maximum Operating Pressure – Shell Side 250 PSI
Maximum Operating Pressure – Tube Side 150 PSI
Maximum Operating Temperature 350°F
Tubes – Copper
Hubs & Tubesheets – Steel or brass
Shell – Steel or brass
Baff?les – Brass
End Bonnets – Cast iron
Mounting Brackets – Steel
Gaskets – Nitrile rubber/cellulose fiber
Nameplate – Aluminum foil

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