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Attic Breeze CMA Series Curb Mounted Solar Attic Fans

Attic Breeze CMA Series Curb Mounted Solar Attic Fans offer a curb-mount flashing base for use with roofs featuring high-profile tile, metal roofs, flat roofs, or other installations where a roof curb may be appropriate. Huge Engineering differences include a corrosion resistant zincalume alloy construction with stainless steel brackets and hardware,  high efficiency unit mounted monocrystalline solar panel, available in 25 watt (1550 CFM) and 20 watt models (1350 CFM). All models are available with a heavy duty powder coated finish in your choice of black, brown, gray, white, terra cotta, or in natural zincalume finish, standard with flush mounted solar panel or available with optional pivot bracket mounting system and many options for the roof curb installation kit available with this model, featuring a prefabricated metal curb box and Wakaflex® flashing. Best of all its made in the USA!

Toboa Energy has been selling Attic Breeze since 2007 and have hundreds of satisfied clients using these beautiful and efficiently engineered roof accessories keeping their hot attics cool year round. Designed for roofs with good sun exposure throughout the day, the Solar Attic Fans Attic Breeze CMA Model Series features a unit mounted solar panel and offers a curb mount fan base for use with high profile tile, or metal roof applications where a roof curb may be required for installation. Attic Breeze® residential model solar attic fans feature an industry-leading LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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