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PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels

A charge controller is required to safely charge your golf car from a PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel.

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  • Extended Battery Life – Our studies show the number of battery cycles can be extended up to 50 percent compared to golf cars without PowerDrive.
  • Good For The Environment – On average, a Golf Car Solar Panel creates enough electricity per year to offset over 250 pounds of carbon dioxide production.
  • Increase Driving Range – On a typical sunny day a PowerDrive panel increases driving range by as much as 50 percent giving you confidence cars make it back to the clubhouse after a long day.
  • Lower Charging Costs – PowerDrive creates and feeds electricity into golf car batteries during daylight, even in low-light, saving an estimated 20 percent in yearly electrical costs.
  • Easy Installation – Weighs in at less than ten pounds and install quickly, with no special tools.

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