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Samlex Inverter Installation Kits

The Samlex Inverter Installation Kits contains a pair of 10? heavy duty cables and a 100A fuse assembly. This is used to connect the inverter to the battery bank. The fuse protects the cable in the event of a short-circuit and the cables provide a safe and easy plug and play connection. Samlex uses the highest quality of industrial grade, flexible cables suitable to be used as battery cables. These can be used for automotive, RV and renewable energy applications.

These applications include, Solar power systems, Emergency backup power, Mobile offices, Telecommunication, Recreation Vehicles, Camping, Field work / Construction sites, Automotive, Home electronics, Tools & appliances, and Computers & printers.

Each KIT contains:

  • Pair of 10 ft cables
  • Fuse assembly with replaceable fuse
  • All of the necessary hardware


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  • Samlex DC-1000-KIT

    Samlex DC-1000-KIT Inverter Installation Kit

    Original price was: $ 205.20.Current price is: $ 164.10.
  • Samlex DC-2000-KIT

    Samlex DC-2000-KIT Inverter Installation Kit

    Original price was: $ 241.70.Current price is: $ 193.30.
  • DC-2500-KIT

    Samlex DC-2500-KIT Inverter Installation Kit

    Original price was: $ 365.00.Current price is: $ 292.00.
  • Samlex DC-3500-KIT

    Samlex DC-3500-KIT Inverter Installation Kit

    Original price was: $ 717.30.Current price is: $ 573.80.