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Sun Pumps Submersible Pump Controllers

Sun Pumps Submersible Pump Controllers system. The SDS series pump and PCA series controller are the key components to a high quality submersible pump system. Their stand-alone, pollution free and low noise operation makes them an ideal solution for remote homes, wildlife and stock watering problems without violating the environment.

Sun Pumps Submersible Pump Controllers are positive displacement, low voltage, DC powered, submersibles constructed of high quality marine bronze and stainless steel. These pumps were designed for corrosion free service in clean potable water. The PCA series controllers are solid-state DC power converters designed as the interface between and SDS series pump and a DC power source. The purpose of the controller is to maximize the total daily water output while providing protection for the pump and the DC power source as well as providing interface with other related pumping system equipment.

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