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Exeltech XP Series True Sine Wave Inverters Made in USA

Exeltech XP Series True Sine Wave Inverters are the most affordable, reliable, lightweight, and best regulated true sine wave inverters available. Made in America. Exeltech XP Series True Sine Wave Inverters are extremely low in Total Distortion; specified to 2%, and typically better than 1.5%. Total Harmonic Distortion is typically 0.8 to 0.9%. Remaining distortion is a result of residual switching noise, which amounts to a 25 kHz sine wave superimposed on the fundamental output. No significant harmonics of 25 kHz exist. This spectral purity will exist over the inverters entire operating envelope, including non-linear and reactive loads. As long as peak output current remains less than 280% of rated current, total harmonic distortion will remain within the 2% spec. Peak current capability of the inverter is key to understanding it’s operational envelope. As long as the inverter is supplying less than this amount, it will function properly and operate virtually any load.

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