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Sustainable and safe living

Sustainable Solar Electric System

Well after nineteen years we’ve decided to sell our home and become more sustainable. Believe me nothing is trivial about making the decision to sell your nest. Yes the old homestead from back in the day when I was single with little to do but whatever popped into my mind. The memories are always hard to bring up without a sense of loss and yet somehow the same sense of it’s time to ramble on.

You might start wondering what is this dude talking about, right? It’s all about progression, from a single person to a married couple and then kids. Homes have also progressed from the 1940’s style two bedroom one bath style to the four bedroom plus the office and three car attached garage. It’s simply the addition of things that make our lives better in the way of time management, safety, comfort, security, health and so on. For most people I think its much more difficult to let go of the past, the old homestead or that old car simply because we don’t understand that although those items link us to our past they also burden us with the prospect of future troubles, cost and risk.

My kids all say they’re sad to leave the old house it’s their childhood more so than the old squeaky floors, small living space or single restroom that they have grown out of. The realization of entering the “unknown” is scary to adults yet alone kids. But the opportunity is great right now to get into a larger newer more sustainable home with a low mortgage rate. The additional savings on the home allotted because of the housing fall off will allow most people to buy more home than they would be able to under normal conditions. The added savings can be refocused into many different things such as; furniture, extra amenities, that awesome patio, additional property or my favorite sustainability.

What is a sustainable home? It is a fully functioning residence regardless of any outside interference. The key to sustainability is usually several different features beginning with sustainable energy. Electric power is easily produced and simple to store and give a home life to run lighting, refrigeration, appliances, communications, HVAC and water pumping and conditioning. I put electric power at the top of the pile of where to start to become sustainable. A solar or wind generator system can be used in most suburban or rural residences and are virtually maintenance free.

Sustainable solar systems can be added during construction or after construction is completed either way solar can be used as either emergency power or as a grid tied part of the electric system which is more common. Solar systems are quiet, environmentally blending, and are within most home owners budgets. Toboa Energy Resources can help select, cost and install solar residential systems with high quality American made solar modules and electronic components. Grid-tied and off-grid solar systems have some common components that can be assembled to allow for whatever configuration that may be required. Solar modules, module mounting system, wire cables and conduit, charge controller, inverter, batteries, transfer switches are all available through Toboa Energy. Make that new home sustainable for the next twenty years.

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