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Thermostatic Radiator Traps

Thermostatic Radiator Trap Styles

Radiator trap angleAngleradiator trap RHLeft Cornerradiator trap LHRight CornerRadiator Trap StraightStraightwayVertical trapVerticalradiator hand valvesValves

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Sterlco Thermostatic Radiator Traps (smart traps) low-pressure traps except 7-15 has valve cones of long wearing tobin bronze and seats of brass. All other have stainless steel cones and seats for maximum resistance of high temperatures and abrasion.- Angle Pattern: 7-50 Series for low pressure: M-7 for medium pressure: 8 series for high pressure.- Straightway Patterns: Provides minimum loss of height on horizontal piping.- Vertical Pattern: 7-80 Series for vertical piping and convectors.- Corner Patters: 7-70 Series for low pressure heating. In right hand and left-hand styles for convenient installation.Sterlco® thermostatic radiator traps accurately and efficiently free radiators of air and condensate… without allowing steam to be wasted into returns. They are especially effective on vacuum heating systems. Their simple design and rugged construction assure long, dependable service.

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