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Watson McDaniel Regulators

Watson McDaniel offers a variety of steam Regulators. Regulators are simple, cost-effective valves used for, Reducing Pressure (PRV), Controlling Temperature and Controlling Back Pressure.

Unlike control valves, regulators are self-powered, which means they do not require any outside source of power such as air pressure or electric actuators to operate.


Watson McDaniel HD HSP Series RegulatorsHD/HSP SeriesWatson McDaniel O Series RegulatorsO-SeriesWatson McDaniel 403 Series Regulators403 SeriesWatson McDaniel 455 Series Regulators455 SeriesWatson McDaniel B Series RegulatorsB-SeriesWatson McDaniel W91/94 Self-Op RegulatorsW91/94 Self-Op TemperatureWatson McDaniel Relief & Back Pressure Valve RegulatorsRelief & Back Pressure ValvesWatson McDaniel Ambient RegulatorsAmbient Regulators

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