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Thermal Transfer Heat Exchangers

Are you looking for quality thermal transfer heat exchangers for your fluid power applications? Toboa Energy Resources is your one-stop shop for the very best heat exchangers and related industrial solutions. Learn more about our heat exchangers below and find the ideal products for your specific industrial needs!

Thermal Transfer heat exchangers, air-coolers and shell & tube an supporting heat exchanger products and engineering services. Heat exchangers remove heat in the form of BTU and transfer the heat into another gas or liquid. For more than 50 years, API – TTP has designed and manufactured heat exchangers for the fluid power industry. We are recognized industry leader, providing a complete portfolio of high-performing heat exchangers for oil cooling and compressor cooling. API Heat Exchangers engineers can work with you to determine the optimal solution for your particular application and specifications.


Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled Oil Coolers with Electric Drives

AO-Thermal TransferAO-SeriesAPI AOVHAOVH-SeriesAOC-700-AOC-SeriesTemperature ControlsTemp ControlsFan PartsFan Parts

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Brass Shell & Tube Exchangers


Steel Shell & Tube Exchangers
TTP HC SeriesHC-Series

Heat Exchanger Help

Toboa Energy Resources LLC provides various thermal transfer products and heat exchangers that will effectively transfer heat from liquid to liquid, liquid to gas, or air to air. Select materials including brass, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Cooling of liquids or gases does not need to be overwhelming or difficult, contact our thermal engineers to help with your application. We strive to make thermal applications simple, carrying products you can trust. For over 16 years, Toboa Energy have been applying and selecting heat transfer exchanger products for customers, businesses, military, and farms. In fact Toboa Energy can help with most industrial thermal applications.

Heat Exchanger Delivery

Heat exchangers are an engineered product and are are normally not “on the shelf items” that ship immediately. Normal deliveries range from 1 to 6 weeks depending on make and model. All API Thermal Transfer products ordered are “build to order” items they will incur a restock charge if canceled after 3 working days.

Contact our friendly Toboa Energy team today to learn more about our industrial heat exchangers and related products. We’re eager to help you find the best solutions for your thermal control applications.


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