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Severe supply chain disruptions causing manufacturer parts shortages have reduced product availability and increased delivery lead times of many products. We ask that you please be patient during this time. Items that normally are in stock or items with normally short lead times may require several additional days or weeks to receive due to this abnormal event. 

CONFIRM AVAILABILITY PRIOR TO ORDERING. Selecting a shipping method, regardless of delivery type (Next day, 2nd day, etc…). or the price of shipping method or shipping method itself does not infer delivery or guarantee any shipment or guarantee a delivery date or time under any circumstance. Once a product has shipped, shipping costs are non refundable under any circumstances.

Product Availability

Since 2007 it has been our foremost goal to help clients be successful with sourcing high quality industrial equipment from Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C., please know that you are important and respected as our customer and we are working for your satisfaction. As a general rule most items offered ship within 10 business days, however there are a few simple steps to follow by purchaser to help  products arrive when expected. 

Important – Please be aware that shipping method selected at time of order and delivery time are determined first by availability of product at time of purchase regardless of inferred or suggested stock status shown online, over the telephone  or regardless of the shipping method selected inventory changes minute by minute. In addition lead time can change based on manufacturers or our ability to get the order and shipment processed, packaged and to the desired carrier and the carriers ability to get it to destination on time.

**Lead time to ship in stock items can vary depending upon workload and selection normally within ten working days and potentially longer lead times for out of stock items depending upon the item availability. If critical delivery of a product is required it is the purchaser’s responsibility to “confirm items are available” for shipment and the ability to be shipped prior to ordering, contact 262-654-3833 for information regarding this.  Any order placed for quick shipment such as priority next day or second day service… that are not in stock and do not ship in the required time frame and are subsequently canceled by purchaser due to no immediate availability can incur up to (20%) twenty percent of order surcharge.

Shipping Methods (FedEx, UPS)

Method and route of shipment is at Sellers discretion, unless Purchaser supplies explicit carrier instructions, which are subsequently accepted by Seller in writing. An additional handling fee may be charged for non-standard shipping methods such as USPS, DHL, hot shot services, etc…. Seller does not assume responsibility for any damages or loss directly or indirectly resulting from delays in delivery. When parts are broken or damaged in transit from Seller to Purchaser, it is considered the responsibility of Purchaser to file a claim with the carrier for said breakage or damage. If the method of shipment specified by Purchaser is deemed by Seller to be unavailable or otherwise unsatisfactory, Seller reserves right to use an alternate shipping carrier/method or route or both whether or not at a higher cost to Purchaser. The risk of loss or damage to the goods shipped shall pass to the carrier and then Purchaser when the goods are received or accepted by the carrier for shipment and Purchaser shall be responsible for insuring such goods thereafter.


We want you to have a great experience purchasing products through Toboa Energy Resources LLC (Seller). You order is very important and your satisfaction is paramount. There are specific rules for delivery of our products that place both parties into a responsible position. Shipments of orders made by Seller or Sellers vendors within a reasonable time before or after an estimate date of delivery is made,  whether spoken, website data or email, shall constitute acceptable delivery to Purchaser. No right of cancellation or return shall accrue to Purchaser based on delayed, inferred or expected delivery. Once a product has shipped, there is no guarantee by Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C. of a specific delivery time or date regardless of shipping method selected at time of order. Tracking numbers are available to customer to help establish a progress of shipment. Toboa Energy Resources LLC does not track packages or take responsibility for any act of God, or any natural weather, unnatural occurrence or delay that should happen during the shipping process.

Transportation Charges

All prices, quotations, shipments and deliveries by Seller are F.O.B. Seller’s holding location and risk of loss passes to Purchaser immediately once goods are tendered for such delivery. All transportation and other charges including handling fees are for the account of Purchaser, including any increase or decrease in such charges prior to shipment. Producing or Shipping Point Seller reserves right to produce and ship all or any part of its saleable products specified on any order from any of the Sellers vendors or holding or stock locations. All charges and occurrences of incurred costs resulting from refusal of freight, loading or unloading costs, transfer fees or additional pickup, delivery, inside delivery, scheduled delivery fees, multi attempted delivery charges are solely the responsibility of the purchaser or requestor.  

Allocation of Risk

Purchaser acknowledges (agrees) that said Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and Seller’s acknowledgment (affirmation) allocates risks with respect to all goods and / or services sold to Purchaser and this risk allocation is reflected in the price(s) to be paid by Purchaser for all goods and/or services purchased hereunder. Purchaser attests and warrants that it has read this provision, understands it, agrees to and is bound by its terms.

Shipping – Risk of Loss

All items purchased from Toboa Energy Resources LLC are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means the risk of loss due to any reason described or unknown and title for such items pass to the Purchaser upon Toboa Energy Resources LLC delivery to the carrier. Toboa Energy Resources LLC is not responsible or liable for any damage arising from shipment.

Permissible Variations

Products shipped by Seller shall be within the specifications, limits and sizes published by Seller, subject, to Seller’s right to ship overages or underage including back orders in accordance with Seller’s standard practices. All products shipped by Seller will be subject to standard variations provided such variations are non-functional or are not material in nature.


Seller will use all reasonable methods to comply with any packaging, loading or bracing requirements specified on any order. Seller will charge for additional material or academic compliance with Purchaser’s special requirements in accordance with Seller’s price list or agreed to price quotation for extra handling effective at time of shipment. If no additional or compliance packaging, loading or bracing requirements are specified by Purchaser, Seller shall comply with the minimum shipment costs and requirements customarily applied by Seller to the method of transportation used for such goods.

Damaged Goods

In the event goods arrive at Purchaser’s destination damaged or if there is a shortage or any other negative circumstances occur, it is the responsibility of Purchaser to immediately report said damage or shortage or other to the delivering carrier’s delivery person or firm and inform the the Seller. Any losses or shortages due to shipment damage or otherwise occurring in transit will be solely for the account of Purchaser. Any product that is allegedly defective or parts that are to be returned by Purchaser to a destination specified by Seller must include a return Good Authorization (RGA) number and all freight charges are to be prepaid by Purchaser. Any repairs or replacement products or parts are subject to Sellers verification and inspection. Purchaser is held responsible for all costs of assessment de-installation or dis-assembly and re-installation or re-assembly of goods or parts returned and are subject to additional fees.

International Shipments

International shipments will be arraigned by Toboa Energy Resources LLC unless otherwise directed. Shipment, brokerage fees, taxes, customs, duties, services, or any other costs to be paid by Purchaser upon delivery of shipment. Toboa Energy Resources LLC does not abandon unclaimed products regardless of return shipment cost.

Unclaimed Product Shipments

Unclaimed products that were sent to address on order for customer will be returned to Toboa Energy Resources LLC if they are refused or the shipping location is undeliverable. Customers wishing Toboa Energy Resources LLC to “re-ship” returned products will be charged a $50 handling fee plus shipping charge back to destination point. Regardless, if destination point is the same point as the original shipment or a new destination point due to undeliveraility the $50 handling fee will be inforce. Toboa Energy Resources LLC reserves the right of cancellation of the customer purchase and refund less shipping plus invoke a 20% restocking charge to any existing credit. Customers who refuse to accept “undamaged goods” in good faith break the purchase contract with Toboa Energy Resources LLC and are subject for review and hold. All unclaimed shipments whether domestic or foreign will be returned to Toboa Energy Resources LLC if not accepted by customer.

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