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Custom fluid handling systems, design and manufacture, large or small quantities.

solar water pumpingToboa Energy designs and manufactures sustainable process pumping and fluid handling systems, temperature control systems, integrated agricultural systems and more. We supply and integrate pumps, valves, instruments,  solar panels, batteries and more to create your desired system. We offer turn key,  ready-to-assemble kits.
Our engineers have extensive experience in process control, fluid power, heat transfer, solar energy, water pumping systems, flow, temperature and pressure measurement, project management, metals manufacturing, systems design and much, much, more.
What Toboa Energy offers:
  • Simplify and organize project specifications
  • Engineering system design
  • CAD drawings if applicable
  • Component selection
  • Design improvements and innovations
  • Develop prototype designs
  • Manufacture turn key systems
  • Provide system support
Our Process
1) Make contact with us!  Normally, clients will know what their detailed needs are and can simply fill out the inquiry form in Yellow at the top of this page. Your initial inquiry is very important because it will convey your need to us.
2) Be Specific. Tell us your needs in as much detail as you can, include your project budget or cost target and basic due date or time frame for delivery that you require.
3) Expect a call from our engineers. After we review your data an engineer will contact you for follow up questions. We want to design and build your equipment just the way you want it. By conveying simple information from the start engineers can access and respond in a more timely manor.
4) Get a quotation for project approval and required design deposit. Engineered detailed designs, drawings, calculations, bills of material, equipment numbers will not be released to customer until design deposit is received. Clients have the option to specify or change designs anytime during to open design process and quotations will be adjusted accordingly. We want you to succeed!
5) Client sign off. Once the design is complete you will finalize the design by sign off. Once the sign off has been made the project will proceed to production. In some instances changes are still possible but once equipment is ordered changes are subject to fees for cancellation.
6) Prepare. Be ready for your equipment. Depending upon what you’re ordering be prepared to receive and install the finished equipment as recommend by the engineers and staff.
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