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Flow-Max Filter Cartridges and Housings

Stainless Steel Single and Multi Cartridge Filter Housings

flow-max filter housingsJumboflow-max multi cartridge filter housingsStd MultiFMPS premium series stainless steel filter housingsPremiumFlow-Max Single Cartridge HousingsSingle Cartridge

2.75 Inch Diameter Pleated Filter Cartridges For Multi Filter Housings

Flow-max 2.75 inch filter cartridges9.75″ LongFlow-max 2.75 inch x 19.5 inch filter cartridges19.5″ LongFlow-max 2.75 inch x 20 inch cartridge filters20″ LongFlow-max 2.75 inch x 40 inch filter cartridges40″ Long

4.5 Inch Diameter Pleated Filter Cartridges For Multi Filter Housings

Flow-Max, 4.5 x 9.75, pleated cartridges, filters9.75″ LongFlow-Max, 4.5 x 20, pleated cartridges, filters20″ Long

Jumbo Pleated Filter Cartridges

Flow-Max model 40 Jumbo Filter cartridgesModel 40Flow-Max Model 90 Jumbo Filter CartridgesModel 90Flow-Max Model 170 Jumbo Filter CartridgesModel 170


Flow-max filter cartridges and housings

With cellulose-free filter media for water filtration applications

The ideal filter cartridges and housings for optimum convenience and savings! Flow-Max® jumbo filters are designed to accept “jumbo” cartridges for easy installation and replacement. Filter housings are constructed using 316L stainless steel, and are rated for pressures to 150 psi. Pipe fittings on single cartridge models are 2” MNPT, with pressure gauges installed on inlet and outlet fittings. Convenient, band clamp lid closure is easy, safe and secure. Protective poly coat over stainless steel is standard finish. Electro-polishing is available by special order. Replacement cartridges below are available in a wide range of micron ratings.

flow-max sizing chart

Cartridges and Housings

Flow-Max Cartridges and Housings are the highest quality, standard, and jumbo cartridge filters on the market for the lowest cost of use. These cartridges filters are pleated to provide increased surface area and longer life, outperforming other filters across the board.

One cost-savvy advantage in using Flow-Max pleated cartridges is lower pressure drop, which conveniently allows for an increased rate of flow and use of smaller filter housings – an easy way to save money on equipment costs.

Save even more on cartridge replacement costs with washable, 100% synthetic filter media, which is dramatically thicker than other products on the market. For this reason, these cartridges provide depth filtration for enhanced sediment removal, along with more surface area in the pleated design.

Outperforming other pleated elements, the high-performance filter media in Flow-Max cartridges is systematically produced using synthetic fibers, with no binders or additives to leave a residue, foam or contaminate.

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