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Berkeley Pumps

Vertical turbine pumps, submersible pumps, vertical multi-stage pumps and accessories, such as motors and controls, all fall under the category of Irrigation Pumps. Pentair provides professionally engineered, high-quality pumps that will deliver years of reliable, efficient operation.

We’re here to support your irrigation needs and put your mind at ease when it comes to installation and maintenance. You can rely on our pumps to help take care of your investments by delivering clean, fresh water to crops and livestock.


Telephone: 1-262-654-3833

Type “B” Closed Coupled Centrifugals Electric Motor Drive

Pentair B-SeriesT 6″ImpellerPentair B-SeriesW 7″ImpellerPentair B-SeriesZ 9″ImpellerPentair B-SeriesE 10″ImpellerPentair B-SeriesG 12″ImpellerPentair B-SeriesJ 13″ImpellerPentair B-SeriesEX 15″ImpellerPentair B-SeriesEY 18″ Impeller

T Series 6″ Nominal Impeller Diameter
W Series 7″ Nominal Impeller Diameter
Z Series 9″ Nominal Impeller Diameter
E Series 10″ Nominal Impeller Diameter
G Series 12″ Nominal Impeller Diameter
J Series 13″ Nominal Impeller Diameter
EX Series 15″, EY Series 18″ Nominal Impeller Diameter

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