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Transfer Switches ASCO Power Technologies

Invest in reliable, high-quality generator transfer switches here. Whether you’re looking for a manual or an automatic transfer switch, Toboa Energy has the equipment you need.

As an authorized stocking distributor for ASCO Power Technologies transfer switches, Toboa Energy Resources LLC offers an outstanding full line of automatic and manual generator transfer switches for standby power applications. ASCO transfer switches safely and effectively transfer power from line power to generator power and back again perfect for home or business. Select from single-phase or three-phase transfer switches supporting a variety of applications is of the utmost importance. Whatever the need is ASCO can handle the challenge and we’re certain you’ll find what you’re looking for.


ASCO Transfer Switch Overview pdf

ASCO 300, 386, 4000 Series Warranty

Authorized Stocking ASCO Dealer – Customer Service Help call 262-654-3833.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Offers automatic switching on loss of power.

Residential / Light Commercial


Non-Automatic (Manual) Transfer Switches

Offers Push Button Manual switching

  • 3NTS – 300 Series Standard Non-Automatic Transfer Switches
  • 3NDTS – 300 Series Delayed Transition Non-Automatic Transfer Switches
  • 3NUS – 300 Series Service Entrance Rated Non-Automatic Transfer Switches
  • 3NDUS – 300 Series Delayed Transition Service Entrance Rated Non-Automatic Transfer Switches
  • 3NPS – 300 Series Service Entrance Open Transition Non-Automatic Transfer Switches with Additional Over-current Protection

Manual Transfer Switches

Offers Lever Throw Manual switching


Residential / Light Commercial

185 Series Automatic, Manual & Service Entrance Rated Transfer Switches

ASCO 185 Series 100-400 Amp 2 Wire Start185 Auto185 ManualASCO 185 SE Rated 100-400A, 2 Wire Start1AUS


300 Series Commercial Automatic Transfer Switches

ATS-icon3ATSASCO ADTS Series3ADTS3AUS Service Entrance Rated3AUS

300 Series Non-Automatic Manual Transfer Switches


300 Series Manual Transfer Switches


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