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Replacement Cartridge Filter Elements

Melt Blown Cartridge Filter Elements

FlowPro Filter CartridgesFlowPro 2.50″FlowPro Filter CartridgesFlowPro 4.50″

Carbon Block & GAC Cartridge Filter Elements

watts carbon blockWatts 2.50″Big Blue CarbonBig Blueslimline carbon cartridgesSlim Line

Pleated Particulate Cartridge Filter Elements

BigBlue Pleated cartridgesBig BlueFlow-Max Jumbo Filter ElementsFlow-Maxflow-max HP series iconFlow-Max HPslimline carbon cartridgesSlim Linewatts pleated filtersWatts

String Wound Filter Elements

string wound filtersWATTS 4.5 Diastring wound filtersWATTS 2.5 Dia

Spun Filter Elements

Pentek Spun 2.5Pentek 2.5Pentek Spun 4.5Pentek 4.5

O.E.M. Replacement Cartridge Filter Elements

Offering new top brand replacement cartridge filter elements in stock! High quality O.E.M brand name filters available for Watts, Big Blue, SlimLine, Big Bubba, FlowPro, Flow-Max and more! US authorized distributor since 2007, Toboa Energy Resources LLC provides a lasting high quality resource for your filtration needs. National distribution, buy one or ten thousand we supply US government through GSA. Cartridges are offered in carbon block, granular activated carbon, pleated, poly spun, melt blown filters with various micron ratings and sizes.


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