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Generac Pumps

Generac Pumps offers reliable pumps built to meet the needs of homeowners, farmers, construction crews and more. They’re up for any job – from draining swimming pools and ponds to removing standing water from basements or farm fields. Generac’s C20 chemical pump features a sturdy design, simplified priming, fiberglass-reinforced components and carbon ceramic seals to support a variety of chemical pumping needs in almost any environment.

  • Clean Water Pumps remove standing water from basement floors, drain swimming pools, empty window wells, you name it.
  • Semi-Trash Pump features a custom funnel design for quick and easy priming and pumps up to 158 gallons per minute.
  • Chemical Pumps design Reinforced fiberglass pump ideal for clean water, chemical, herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer transfer


Trash Pumps

Generac Clean Water PumpsClean Water PumpsGenerac Semi-Trash PumpsSemi-Trash PumpsGenerac Trash PumpsTrash PumpsGenerac Chemical Duty PumpsChemical Pumps

Toboa Energy offers new Generac Pumps and Parts. Generac pumps products offer commercial businesses and consumers several styles and ranges of pumps to choose from. Clean water pumps, semi-trash pump, chemical pumps, controls and accessories all ideally suited for for fluid handling powered systems.

Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C. is a stocking distributor of Generac Pumps and Parts. Many of the models offered from our Wisconsin facility. We are centrally located in the USA to allow for efficient shipping throughout North America.

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