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Powertron Generator Tap Box Panels

Powertron UL Rated Tap Boxes (Steel Cabinets)


Powertron UL Rated Tap Boxes (Stainless Steel Cabinets)


Powertron Tap Boxes (Aluminum Cabinets)

400 Amp Aluminum Generator Tap box quick connects400 Amp

tap box installationWhy Powertron?

Powertron Generator Tap Box Panels mount to a fixed or portable structure and allow a generator to be connected quickly in the event of an emergency. No electrician required once the tap box is installed. Generator quick connection system is UL rated and helps makes your building more “emergency power ready” by reducing the time consuming process of connection and additional expense required hire electrical contractors to wire and connect temporary power during emergency or extraordinary weather events. The installation of a Powertron generator tap box quick connects allows connections and wiring to be predetermined with a cam-lock style interface.


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