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Solar Batteries

US Made Solar Energy Batteries

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Toboa Energy Resources is your one-stop shop for quality solar batteries. Explore our selection of Deka and MK solar batteries below and find the ideal solar energy solutions for your specific applications and needs!

Deka Solar Energy Batteries GEL AGM Flooded UPS

Don’t trust any solar energy battery for your system, use US made new Deka Batteries Solar GEL AGM Flooded UPS batteries that provide the highest quality and most environmentally responsible sealed battery solutions for specialized deep-cycle and standby power applications. Deka batteries are produced specifically for solar system usage, to deal with continuous charging & discharging, rapid temperature swings, low maintenance environments and dispense reliable stable DC power outputs over a long period of time. MK and Deka solar batteries offer superb batteries made to enhance the performance of your solar array, reducing replacement intervals by offering quality that lasts throughout years of service. Use Fahrenheit high heat tolerant batteries for special applications in hot environments.

East Penn manufacturing

Each solar energy battery is not the same, made by East Penn Manufacturing, MK battery and Deka batteries are made with pride by dedicated people totally committed to offering the most reliable products, world-class service and support, and maximum overall value to the diverse markets served. Don’t make the mistake of buying just any deep cycle battery, don’t throw away your money, buy the right battery for the job: Deka Batteries!

For Uninterrupted Power Supply

Get access to the best solar or UPS battery at Toboa Energy Resources LLC. We offer a high quality US made East Penn batteries for mission critical UPS systems. Our large stock of MK – Deka batteries strategically located in warehouses throughout the United States. Available at low manufacturer direct prices, a UPS designed battery from our inventory ensures uninterrupted power supply will function smoothly. Explore our collection to order from AGM, GEL, and Flooded batteries.

Contact our friendly team to learn more about solar batteries or to order some today. We at Toboa Energy Resources are eager to find the ideal solar energy solutions for your specific needs!

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