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60W PowerTour RV Solar Panel (RV-15-3900)

$ 769.00

60W PowerTour RV Solar Panel (RV-15-3900), Additional installation items, 15.4V, 3.9A, dimensions 85.7″ x 26.5″ inches, 4.4 lbs.

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60W PowerTour RV Solar Panel (RV-15-3900) . The 60W PowerTour RV Solar Panel Kit easily offsets the power required to run RV systems such as smoke detectors, propane detectors, clocks and other items that naturally drain your battery.


  • 60W PowerTour RV Solar Panel (RV-15-3900)
  • Additional installation items


  • Compact, lightweight, durable – military tested (MIL-STD-810G).
  • Provides some power even in hazy and shaded environments.
  • Light sensitive technology turns on early in the day and stays on later in the day.
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States.


  • Operating Voltage: 15.4V
  • Current: 3.9A
  • Dimensions 85.7 x 26.5 inches 2,176.8 x 673.1 mm
  • Weight 4.4 lbs.
How to Install
  1.  Clean the desired installation area with alcohol.
  2. Peel adhesive backing from the solar panel.
  3. Place solar panel on vehicle ensuring there are no pockets of air.



– All connections must be solar positive (red) to battery positive and solar negative (black or blue) to battery negative. Reversing can damage the solar panel. Consult your battery manufacturer if you have questions about the specifications of your battery.

– Operating Voltage and Current are typical values when tested under load at AM 1.5 lighting conditions. Power performance may vary due to temperature, light spectrum, angle to the sun, and other effects (minimum 95% rated when new).

Additional information

Weight 6.4 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 6 × 6 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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