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MK Battery 12v 100Ah AGM 8A27 DEKA

$ 240.00

Deka 8A27 DEKA AGM battery, solar off grid batteries to support pv modules, T876 terminal, 12vDC, part 8A27 DEKA,

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MK Battery AGM 8A27 Deka can be substituted in virtually any flooded lead-acid battery application (in conjunction with well-regulated charging), as well as applications where traditional flooded batteries cannot be used. Advanced USA engineering and technology and the use of the most modern manufacturing techniques combine to make MK Battery’s Sealed Batteries the standard by which all other batteries are measured. Our Sealed Batteries are the best the PV/Solar market has to offer.


Nominal Voltage (V):  12V
Capacity:  at C/100 100Ah
Capacity: at C/20 92Ah
Weight:  61.5 lbs. (28 kg)
Plate Alloy:  Lead Calcium
Posts:  Forged Terminals & Bushings
Container/Cover:  Polypropylene
Operating Temperature Range: -40°F (-40°C) – 140°F (60°C)
Vent:  Self-sealing
Terminal:  B (T876)

Features and Benefits

VRLA batteries are particularly well suited for: Deep Cycle, Deep Discharge

Applications , Marine Trolling , Electronics , Sailboats , Electric Vehicles , Wheelchairs , Golf Cars , Portable Power , Floor Scrubbers , Personnel Carriers , Marine & RV House Power , Commercial Deep Cycle Applications Standby and Emergency Backup Applications , UPS (Uninterrupted Power Systems) , Cable TV , Emergency Lighting , Computer Backup , Solar Power , Telephone Switching , Village Power Unusual and Demanding Applications , Race Cars , Air-transported Equipment , Off-road Vehicles , Wet Environments , Marine & RV Starting ,Diesel & I.C.E. Starting

More info… DEKA_8A27_Battery.pdf

Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 12.72 × 6.80 × 9.31 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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