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Aquatec Submersible Pumps

The Aquatec SWP submersible pumps are designed to supply water in off-grid locations for homes, irrigation, livestock, ponds, and others. The SWP 4000 4″ and SWP 6000 6”  deep well pumps are constructed with high-grade materials. With this, they are all potable water safe. These pumps are made to operate from any 12-30 VDC power source. This includes 60 cell modules or 72 cell modules or arrays (using a controller to limit the voltage input to the pump to 30Vdc maximum). They can also operate 12VDC or 24VDC battery banks.

Aquatec International is a leading manufacturer of precision diaphragm (membrane) pumps and related flow control components. For over three decades, they have produced the highest quality, most reliable electric pumps available in the global marketplace. Every Aquatec pump is proudly assembled.

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  • Aquatec SWP-4000

    Aquatec SWP-4000 Submersible Solar Pump

    Original price was: $ 1,023.00.Current price is: $ 532.17.
  • Aquatec SWP-6000

    Aquatec SWP-6000 Submersible Solar Pump

    Original price was: $ 1,309.88.Current price is: $ 681.14.