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ASCO 185 - 1AUS Parts

The ASCO 185 – 1AUS Parts are available to help with any fixup that is needed to service your Transfer Switch. Service Entry Rated AUS combine automatic power switching with a utility circuit breaker as a disconnect device. The power transfer switch meets all National Electrical Code requirements for installation as service entrance equipment. Service entrance rated AUS are generally installed at facilities that have a single utility feed. Not only that, but facilities that have a single emergency power source as well. A circuit breaker serves as the utility disconnect. Links are also provided to connect both neutral and ground conductors.

The ASCO 300SE Service Entrance Automatic Transfer Switch uses the same reliable transfer switching mechanism and controller as the SERIES 300 product platform. They also includes a utility circuit breaker as a disconnect device.

Toboa Energy Resources LLC is an authorized US distributor for ASCO 185 – 1AUS Parts. Fill out a request for quote for quick accurate response!

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  • ASCO K798923

    ASCO K798923 Group 4 Controller for ASCO 185 Series

    Original price was: $ 683.00.Current price is: $ 439.76.