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Samlex Battery Monitors

The Samlex Battery monitors can measure and display the voltage of one or more battery banks. Some battery monitors can generate an alarm for over voltage, under voltage and voltage differences.

The Battery Monitor, by Samlex, is a smart piece of equipment which automatically detects battery voltages between 7V and 32V; ideal for 12/24 volt systems. Specifically the BW-01 Battery Monitor – intelligent 12V/24V programmable system.

Described as a digital display, intelligent, microprocessor based battery voltage monitor. Programmable alarm threshold and audio alarm at high and low voltage levels. Can monitor two batteries.

Battery Monitor Features:

  • Multiple battery monitoring using advanced micro-controller
  • Auto 12V/24V detection
  • Digital display
  • Programmable alarm thresholds
  • Very low power consumption/Power Saving Mode
  • Splash resistant top
  • Easy to install/shallow mounting depth

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  • samlex BW-01 battery monitor

    Samlex BW-01 Battery Monitor

    Original price was: $ 68.80.Current price is: $ 55.10.
  • samles BW-03 battery monitor

    Samlex BW-03 Smart Battery Monitor

    Original price was: $ 124.40.Current price is: $ 99.50.