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Exeltech XP Parts

Exeltech XP Parts made for the XP Series Inverters. The Exeltech XP Series Inverters offer the finest sine-wave inverter in the power conversion industry.  Exeltech provides the first affordable sine wave inverter, first modular inverter system, first N+1 redundant inverter system, and the cleanest sine wave output in the industry.  Exeltech strives to manufacture products of the highest possible quality, and is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

Proudly built in the USA with American parts. Exeltech is committed to TL 9000 standards and beyond. Updating procedures continually to further improve quality and customer service. We welcome you as a customer to the Exeltech family.

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    Exeltech 800-10003-000 Low Idle Current Field Kit

    Original price was: $ 30.00.Current price is: $ 27.00.